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F3 MeCa | October 17, 2019

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Stick in the Eye or Death by Semi

  • When: 01/04/19
  • QIC: Exit 54, SS Minnow, Scooter, Flip Phone
  • The PAX: Exit 54, SS Minnow, Scooter, Flip Phone

4 men, of unequal speeds, put in a 6-mile ‘Tempo’ run in preparation for the Myrtle Beach marathon, which is coming up too soon on March 1st.

What is a ‘Tempo’ run exactly?  Still not 100% sure, but what we did was 2 miles ‘easy’, 3 miles fast, then 1 mile ‘easy’.  Easy is in quotes, because it’s all relative to who you’re running with.  The 2nd mile of this was just under 8-minute pace by my watch.  Not quite so easy, but hey, when in Rome … or when running with faster guys.

YHC debated making a back-blast for this, but hey, maybe some people want to know what marathon training is like.  Maybe not.  What’s for sure is that @Wexler needs some reading material, since he’s on the sidelines.

It was good to see a pretty large crowd at Kettle Bells before we took off.  YHC was glad a few people that got calls yesterday showed up.  Then YHC handed them my kettlebells, with a quick “good luck”, I’m going to do something stupid, see you at the end, hopefully.

The route was bull-run-ish, trying to stay off 49 as much as we could.  It was also raining, which made visibility harder.  These days we’re paying extra attention to traffic.  It’s no joke that Fia lost an experienced runner while out there in the gloom.  We had vests and lights, but need to find my blinkies.  Be safe out there guys!

49 traffic was no joke this morning.  When we turned left on 49, past Morehead, there were some trees reaching the sidewalk at about eye level.  @Exit54 was smacked in the face at least once and doing some pretty good ducking maneuvers.  Right as that was happening a big semi past us in the right lane … careful!  It’s dark, raining, trees in the sidewalk, and we don’t have lights in the back.

Some training plan discussions going on during the first two ‘easy’ miles.  So, @SSMinnow, what’s the long run look like on the plan this weekend?  18 miles.  Huh, YHC must have not heard you correctly?  18 miles, at your marathon pace.  WHAT!?!?!?  What week in the training plan is this????  9 weeks left.  Holy … this training plan sucks.  What time should we start?   5 AM, roger that.

Running with faster guys will make you faster.  Running is good for you.  Try it and prove me wrong.

Random thoughts during Tempo run, just for you @Kojak.

  • I’m already behind and this is the ‘easy’ part.
  • This is too much talking for me at this ‘easy’ pace.  Need to save my breath and try to breathe.
  • Should I do a back-blast?  What would @Bull write?
  • Wow, 2nd mile ‘easy’ was < 8 minutes, these guys are fast
  • Mile 3 … time to speed up … there goes @Scooter.  Took only about 15 seconds for me not to see him any more.  There was a turn onto Morehead at that time … that’s why … must be the reason he was gone.
  • Can’t breathe … chest out … deep breaths.
  • 18 miles tomorrow, really … can I run 6 today and 18 tomorrow … not so sure
  • Keep @SSMinnow and @Exit54 in sight.
  • Can’t breathe … chest out … deep breaths.
  • Watch out for the mini lakes in the sidewalk
  • As mile 4 finished, there was an uphill … can’t breathe … ok, walk up this little hill.
  • Can’t breathe … chest out … deep breaths.
  • Who is this guy about to pass me … @Strapless? … oh, hey @Scooter, where did you go??  Oh, you went the full bull run route up the big hill.  Another 15 seconds and he was gone, for 2nd time.
  • Can’t breathe … chest out … deep breaths.
  • As mile 5 got close, don’t walk … they will turn around and come back, can’t be walking when they come back for six.
  • Ok, finished mile 5, going to walk for a bit … thanks @Exit54 and @SSMinnow for coming back.
  • Try to finish strong … at least it’s downhill after the Roberta bridge.
  • @Scooter came back too, he might have 6.5 miles by now


Thanks guys for pushing me.  I would never be out there in the rain running on my own.  Even if I did, I would never try to go that fast.

Glad to see @Ito and @Loophole back out in the gloom.  Telemarketer calls selling F3 workouts do work, who knew??  Keep coming back, and let’s get the other missing BradfordParkians out also, who will go un-named, but know who they are

Yeah, @T-bone, I pulled a half-Hootie.  Invited people to a workout and then didn’t say.  Do as I say, not as I do … is that how @Hootie puts it?

@Kojak and @Oz know how to properly respect the Master Q.  Keep it up fellas … I like red grapes, not the evil green ones.




  1. FlipPhone

    MHGA … MHGA … going to be YUGE!!

  2. Clueless


    • FlipPhone


      You’re in better shape than me. Join us …

      • Clueless

        You lost me at 18!?!?!?

        • FlipPhone

          Not sure I can get there. If I can, it will be run/walk struggle for last 5-6. Then couch for pretty much rest of the day.

          Won’t know til you try.

  3. Teen Spirit

    This is one of the best back blasts I have ever read.

    • FlipPhone

      You’re just trying to get Master Q brownie points. Talk to @Oz and @Kojak, they had some great ideas at coffeeteria this morning.

      By the way, a random Michigan State fan was missing this morning. Don’t think you get off easy.

      The only other State fan was the Q, so you can deduce (maybe, poor education at Sparty I’m sure) who I’m talking about.

      Ha ha, thanks brother!

      Don’t miss tomorrow! @Solocup is the Q and said he needs you.

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