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F3 MeCa | May 27, 2020

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Another Plate of Meat & Potatoes

  • When: 12/20/18
  • QIC: The Nanny
  • The PAX: Buffalo Bill, Brinkley, Poutine, Number 1, Black Sheep, Gordo, Phantom, Sparky, Sandman, Barrister, Hugo

The Nanny threw down another classic arms, chest, and legs beatdown on a beautiful Thursday morning.

The Thang:

  1. Warmup
    1. SSH x 30 IC
    2. Merican x 12 IC
    3. Air Squat x 15 IC
    4. Mountain Climber x 15 IC
  2. Bike Rack Action
    1. Partner up!  Three rounds of…..
    2. Rack Mericans x 20
    3. Air squat x 30
    4. Rack Dips x 20
    5. Plank
  3. Bus Lot Interlude
    1. Partner 1 does air squats while partner 2 is the timer doing 10 WWII situps.  Repeato x 3
    2. Partner 1 does Google Bun Shapers while partner 2 is timer doing 20 LBCs.  Repeato x 3
  4. Guard Rail Action
    1. Partner 1 does derkins while partner 2 is timer doing 5 pullups.  Repeato x 3.
    2. Partner 1 does incline mericans while partner 2 is timer doing 5 pullups.  Repeato x 3.
    3. Lunge walk “for a while” towards Mary.
  5. Mary
    1. Low Flutter x 15
    2. Mason Twist x 20

The Moleskin:

  1. Us old timers had to correct young Barrister on what a WWII sit-up really is.  He apparently believes everything he reads on the internet.
The Nanny


  1. The Nanny

    Solid beatdown, boys. Definitely felt that one…and will tomorrow as well!

  2. Barrister

    That was a good beat down, feeling it in the chest today. Glad I could educate you guys on the difference between WWI and WWII sit-ups

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