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F3 MeCa | July 20, 2019

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3X The Fun!

  • When: 12/10/18
  • QIC: Sugar
  • The PAX: Roomba, Heatstroke, Sugar

YHC has been absent from a Bell Buster for  LOOOOOONG time.  So I figured one way to make sure I show up is to sign up to Q.  Aside from the threat of have to ruck there through the snow – It worked.

I roll in to a snow covered empty lot (except for Sparknut’s crippled money makers) so I planted the Shovelflag, duct into the shelter of the Element and waited for my brave Brothers Roomba and Heatstroke to share the cold wet morning with!

The Thang:

Unload some ‘toys’ and mosey around the lot to get the blood pumping and end up in the warm glow of Christian Bros. garage lights for an official warmup:  SSH, Windmills, Cotton Pickers and YHC’s favorite, Tempo Merkins.  Time for some fun!

Mosey back to the HT lot where we find a 40LB sandbag and a 20L water can (around 40-ish LBs).  

Round 1

PAX 1 farmer carry bag and can to fire lane and back.  PAX 2 – lawn mower pulls, PAX 3 – scull crushers.  When PAX gets back, rotate.  Did this bit of fun for about 3 or so rounds then mosey to Johnny Bruscos and back with a bit of people’s chair fun on the way back.

Round 2

PAX 1 farmer carry bag and can to fire lane and back.  PAX 2 – Pass-thru lunges, PAX 3 – Sumo Squats.  4 rounds of fun!  

Mosey with Bells to HT wall for some people’s chair fun with our Bells.  Curls and O/H presses.

Mosey to Propane cage for Mary and a sniff ck of the bottles (there may have been a leak).

BelLBCs, Pretzel Stick, Low Flutters, Heels to Heaven and Mason Twists.  Mosey back for COT.


Temps were perfect and precip was minimal – fun was had by all!!  MeCa Winter party details and pre-blast are out!  Hope to see ya’ll there!

Continued prayers for MCs Mother and HSs Father and both families. 

  • On December 10, 2018


  1. Heatstroke

    Not sure I will ever post to a beatdown ever again that started with rain…then sleet…then snow. And no cover. Love it, nice Q Sugar! Welcome back to BB! Your “toys” are always welcome.

  2. Aye! Almost hit all the forms of precipitation!

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