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F3 MeCa | June 1, 2020

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  • When: 12/05/18
  • QIC: Clueless
  • The PAX: SidVicious, Gamma, Wexler, SSMinnow, Clueless

5 Faithful for recovery and Huntersville Half prep this morning in Town Center. Sometimes you don’t know how much your body really needs a good stretch, until you sink into one. Hips, hammies, and lower back were the targets this morning…

Thang: High knees, high knee holds, butt kickers, butt kicker holds, ball kicks, ankle rolls, shoulder rolls, arms across, ballistic huggers, arm circles, forward-fold series, warrior series, yurpees, i.t. band stretch, hipsters, high/low pigeon, wrestler kickouts, ball rolls, seated hamstring series, ball rolls, cobbler series, ball rolls, eye of needle progression, seated cross-leg huggers into spinal twist, table, cat/cow, spinal balance, cat/cow, spinal balance elbow to knee, cat/cow, nerve glides, toe glides, corpse to tense to corpse to tense to corpse.

COT w/ #RoadWarriors, @FlipPhone took us out.


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to lead! Although I’m not sure why the Pax didn’t follow YHC’s lead on the “old-man off-balance side roll-over”… clearly a staple of any yoga/broga workout.
  2. Great to see @SidVicious nearing 100%.
  3. Strong work by the pre-runners/rucker!
  4. Good luck to all Huntersville Half runners. Heard it was going to be ideal running conditions… #NotTrue

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