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F3 MeCa | June 1, 2020

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The Main Road

  • When: 11/07/18
  • QIC: Jimmy Buffett
  • The PAX: El Sabado, Heatstroke, Jimmy Buffett, Roomba, Steal Cannon, Sugar, Thickburger

7 men showed up to explain the scenario of Moss Creek and it’s poorly lit greenway. 5 logged some fast-paced miles while 2 opted for a slower rucking pace.

Not much of a disclaimer, sorry.

The route:

  • (Pointing) Follow this main road until it dead ends.
  • Then turn right onto the other main road and take a loop through the haunted daycare.
  • Take that main road all the way back until it dead ends and turn left towards the greenway.
  • Greenway will bring you back to the AO. Got it?
  • Extra credit, you can turn up a side street after the daycare and then cross the other main road that comes into the neighborhood and then back down the hill to the original main road.
  • Extra extra credit is after the main road curves to the right, head up Dartmoor (I knew this one cause I researched ahead), then turn left and head down Ravenscroft (that’s 2) until you reach the greenway. Two piece of extra credit will give you about 3/4 mile extra.

The actual route for those interested (all opted for the extra credit so included here):

  • Moss Farm to dead end at Moss Plantation.
  • Right on Moss Plantation, loop through the haunted daycare and then back down Moss Plantation
  • Right on Abercorn, Left on Autumn Fire, cross Village Common, Left on Shadow Creek, Right on Moss Plantation.
  • Right on Dartmoor, Left on Ravenscroft (the 2nd time you reach Ravenscroft, not the first) down the hill and right on Alexia Ct where you get on the greenway.
  • Follow the greenway home

Rucking route: Started down greenway all the way to end at Alexia Ct and then took the roads back to the AO.


  • Great run by all the runners. Generally kept together with a quick circle back for the six just before hitting the greenway. Roomba led the way with 4.2 miles total at 8:20 pace. Others weren’t far behind.
  • YHC doing the BoneFrog OCR this weekend at Porter Farms on far east side of Concord. Feel free to join. 10 am, half the price of a Spartan race. No burpees (other penalties or try the obstacle again). Sugar and Steel both HC’ed…….. for going out of town this weekend. #toughlove
  • Heatstroke planning on a 15 miler Saturday morning at The Valley as part of his half-marathon training. Haven’t decided yet if I should tell him a half-marathon is only 13.1 miles. #toughlove
  • Thickburger has become a regular for the rolling rucks on Wednesday. Glad to have you. Commented that even if he forgets his ruck, he’s still not running. #toughlove
  • Whatley has another injured ankle. Probably from too many Side Straddle Hops. Rumor is that he had surgery shortly after finishing his All-American football career in high school. Great things were planned for that young man but the world guided him to us instead.

Continued prayers for

  • Soprano with the broken foot/ankle
  • Heatstroke’s dad
  • Marie Callender’s mom
  • Other ailing pax that couldn’t be with us for whatever reason


Jimmy Buffett


  1. Heatstroke

    Good route JB! Whatley finally having to pay for all those dudes he trucked in high school:) Thanks for the #toughlove, ha!

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