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F3 MeCa | May 21, 2019

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#Respect BDay BD

  • When: 10/31/2018
  • QIC: Othello
  • The PAX: Poutine, Toughskins, Rice-a-Roni, Convoy, Chum, ManBun, PacMan, BlueCrush, Othello

This was his #Respect Workout, hand written on a napkin the night before.

Nine brothers came out this gloom to wish YHC a Happy #Respect Day.  My intention was not to make it all about me but to also lift up one of our fallen brothers, Gremlin.  Rick turned 50 yrs old a few months before he died which makes my Bday bittersweet.  There would have been nothing better than to have him in the COT busting my balls about turning 50.

So, to honor him (and me) I turned to the last workout he Q’d, on his #Respect Bday.  It was written on a napkin and his wife still has it.  A forever keepsake in memorium to his love and respect to this entire group of men (#HIM’s).  A picture of it is above, some modifications were necessary as he too realized when he debuted the BD, “things always look better on paper”.  The workout went something like this:

Warm Up
Mosey – High Knees, Butt Kickers Under/Behind, end up at the front of the school under the overhang by the front door (wave to the camera).  Circle up for a few:
SSH x50 (x denotes cadence)
Downward Dog – Gremlins x15

The Thang
Part 1-Line up in the “Fire Lane” to the left of the school for a Bear Crawl Indian Run.  When last Pax makes it to the front of the line, roll over on your six and perform a called exercise OYO for 50 reps ea.  If you finish first, hold an “Al Gore” until the six completes the set.  Resume Bear Crawls, repeato.  From what I remember, our exercises were as follows:  LBC’s, Low Dolly, Flutter, Pretzel Crunch, KTE’s, The W, Dying Cockaroach, Rosalita and WWII’s.  (Mary is now completed).

Part 2-Line up on a “Fire Lane” marker and perform High Knee/Skips to the next Fire Lane Marker.  Once there, 10 Burpees.  Plank until Six arrives.  Repeato 4 more times for a total of 50 burpees.
If you run out of markers, turn around and do the course in reverse.

Part 3-Line up on the “Fire Lane” marker and perform suicides on the remaining markers until you come back out of the Fire Lane.  Suicides consist of:  Run past 2 markers, come back one marker, etc, etc until you are out of the Fire Lane.

For those Pax reading this and who have never been to Pain Academy….the Fire Lane is a looooooong stretch of road.

Part 4 – Mosey (follow the Q) around the AO to see if we can write a “5-0” on the Strava Map…..didn’t work out like I thought it would.

Mosey to the Flag for a little Name/Count-o-Rama.

1. The Gremlin – 1/19/2019.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS
2.  Poutine’s daughter Madelyn was having ankle surgery today – we lifted her up in prayer.

YHC took us out – Be Safe this evening Trick-or-Treating.  I think someone should get a group of kids together, give them F3 shirts and a Shovel Flag and have them be an F3 Pax for Halloween, cool huh?!

#Respect Moleskine
1.  Thanks again for coming out to my #Respect Bday Beatdown.  Great to see all you brothers out there supporting me, well…almost everyone 🙂
2.  Strong work by all Pax, those Bear Crawl Indian runs are not easy.
3.  PacMan and BlueCrush were flying.
4.  Toughskins was not to happy about those crawls but he’s getting faster and stronger.
5.  Rice-a-Roni needs to Q a workout soon-way too much mumble chatter from him today.
6.  Man Bun put up a strong finish.
7.  Convoy has a ton of “No Quit” in him.
8.  Thanks to Poutine for coming out via #passport.  Great to see you brother and prayers for your daughter.
9.  Chum, what can I say…, really, what can I say? Kidding, strong work as usual brother.



  1. Othello

    Thanks for posting, I really appreciate the honor to lead.

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