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F3 MeCa | October 17, 2019

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Scaling the Rail | If you break my fence, you will fix it

  • When: 09/22/18
  • QIC: Flip Phone
  • The PAX: Scooter, Hong Kong Phooey, Bull, Hootie, Wexler, Big Bird, Ito, SS Minnow, Talladega, Teen Spirit

11 men made the right choice to better themselves this morning.  YHC was sure to skip the Bull Run this morning so there was some gas in the tank to lead the workout.  YHC isn’t man enough to run 6 miles and then lead the pax in an hour workout … yet.  #LifeGoals

There were only about 7 of us to start … but the rest of the pax trickled in.  It went like this.

Mosey to the Library steps

Warm Up

SSH x 20, IST x 15, Windmill x 12, Mountain Climber x 20

The Thang

Library Steps Round 1 – Reverse Spider man mericans up the steps, scale the rail back down

Some good mumblechatter here with @HongKongPhooey and @Scooter:

“Is this really what you meant??”

“This is what I would tell the kids *not* to do … or my wife would say that”

“Scaling the rail at the #RailYard … fitting”

Round 2 – Reverse spider man mericans up the steps, bear crawl down

Ouch!  YHCs shoulders were on fire.  Still feeling yesterday’s KB beatdown, courtesy of @Gamma.

It didn’t help that @HongKongPhooey was leading the way and bear crawling all the way back to the steps … someone didn’t tell him that we usually stop at the bottom sidewalk … more shoulder fire.

Round 3 – Incline mericans up the steps, lunge walk down

Mosey to the side parking lot

3 rounds: 20 mountain climbers at the bottom, Quadraphelia to the top, 20 mericans at the top

Indian Run around the track to the hill behind soccer goal

1 burpee at the bottom, 10 dips at the top Increase burpees, decrease dips each round

@Scooter and YHC were doing dips on a rail that didn’t seem very sturdy YHC made the comment that one day we’ll break these rails. @Wexler was right there with a quick response, “you break this fence and you’ll fix it, pal.”  Some real community ownership mentality right there. #respect  #AdoptThisPark

Indian run around the track to lot next to playground

Bear Crawl inch worm across the lot

Pause game for a car … then move it up a few feet before resuming

Side shuffle suicides

Basketball defense move with 10 mericans at 4 different stops

Mosey to #HeartRateHill

2 rounds: 20 squats at the bottom, 15 decline mericans at the top


  • Low flutter x 20, Mason twist x 15, J-Lo x 15


  • Two Speed for Need events coming up: 1) Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Breast Cancer 5k on Saturday October 6th.  See @Exit54 for more information.  Click here to register!  2) Rescheduling of Hit the Brixx for Sunday October 14th.  See @Mandown for more information.  Preblast available here!  These are truly incredible events and I highly encourage you to attend.  It is amazing how much this means to the Track Commanders but honestly everyone running gets so much out of it.  Even if you are just running along with the chairs.  Really great events!  #whopusheswho
  • F3 Harrisburg T-Shirt Orders need to be in before Midnight on 9/23.  Impress that special lady in your life by clicking here to order yours today!


  • Great job out there this morning guys.
  • T-claps to all the pre-runners: SoloCup, Bull, Hootie, Talladega, TheRock, probably more.
  • Good to see @Ito and @BigBird back out on a Saturday.  Keep pushing guys.  Don’t be strangers.
  • T-claps to @HongKongPhooey and @Scooter for leading the way the whole time and putting in lots of work. #TryToKeepUp
  • T-claps to @Gamma and @Kojak for rucking 30 miles last night.  That was a dumb idea.
  • Some great discussions lead by @Practice at #QSource grinder.  Come check it out next time.



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