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F3 MeCa | April 15, 2021

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A deck of cards, a bowl of cherries

  • When: 7-18-17
  • QIC: Piston
  • The PAX: Farm, 2 Step, Liger, Jordashe, Fly Boy, SchoolBus, Showtime - Go Lions dude

8 showed for a simple but effective beatdown that went like this:

Disclaimer issued

Mosey to end of parking lot, warm-o-rama of side straddle hops, cotton pickers and mountian climbers

The Thang;

A deck of playing cards and a bowl of cherries were laid down

aces=1 rep, 2, 2 reps and on up to kings, 13 count

Diamonds= LBC’s

Spades= jump squats

Hearts = Merkins

Clubs = planks

Joker = eat a cherry, spit the pit and a 10 count rest

Any 7 = the pickers choice

It took these 8 men about 42 minutes to work thru the deck, throw out some lovely mumblechatter and basically beat each other up

Sweat happened, heart rates were raised and we got stronger, 3 ibupropiens squashed YHC’s afternoon stiffness and pain!!

PAX lead maey and we are done

count off, announcments and prayer to get us rolling







  1. Pleasure to lead, sound off!!

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