I Thought The Cruise was on Wednesdays!?

9 amigos denied themselves the extra siesta time in order to become mas fuerte! Striker was the assigned Q for the morning, but when the workout began El Toro was at the helm. Apparently our law-enforcing friend had to go in early to protect and serve.

El Toro was apparently in the mood to run today. The basic rundown went like this:

  • Run down to Cooper Run Ln.
  • Run back up to Prisoner Check-in.
  • Warm-up with SSH, Cotton-Picker, Windmill, Squats.
  • Partner up – P1 does exercise while P2 runs Alcatraz, then flapjack. We did ‘Mericans x20, WW2 Sit-ups x20, Burpees x10, and think one more exercise. Plank while waiting for partner to finish run.
  • Run down The Farmlands. At the bottom we did several OYO exercises.
  • Run back up The Farmlands then into Cell Block.
  • Partners – P1 does exercise while P2 runs around court. We did a bunch of different exercises. Can’t remember them all but there were definitely some ‘Mericans and Burpees in there.
  • Run to Great Wall for some Muscle Ups
  • Back to Check-in for Mary

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  1. Man Down Post author

    1. Tradition on Tap tonight, 7pm @ Hickory Tavern.
    2. Chicken Foot run tomorrow at Skybrook.

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