Dingo gets to pray to The Rat, no one else!

10 men gathered today, until one of them began preparing to be reborn as a rat…. It all started a little something like this…

Disclaimer was given, then we moseyed off onto the Tradition mile, stopping at the daycare to warm up with:

SSH x 15
Arm Circles
Windmill x 10
Peter Parker Peter x 10
Michael Phelps
Side lunges x 10
Shuffle and jab x 7 each side.

Then mosey off to the business park.

Separate into 2 groups for:
Group 2: Parking Space Tracer to delay while ….
Group 1: Run through alleys of the buildings, 10 muscle ups in and out, 20 dips in the middle. Then switacharoo with some planks at the end until everyone is done.

Indian Run back to church.

I told everyone to grab a cinderblock for the next part of the workout. Dingo informed as at this point that he had already grabbed Cinderblock. A very exciting morning for him.
But regardless of that, we all grabbed a CB for:
15 x CB Curls to Press to extenions
15 x LBCs
Repeato, except do 7 each for time’s sake (who wouldn’t want MORE time for the next section???)

Put the CBs away and have a short walk to catch our breath for the real beatdown. Everyone circles up for — Plyometric Speed & Power Tabata Workout!
20s of Plyometric Burpees
10s of Rest
20s of Squat Jacks
10s of Rest
20s of Hindu Merkins
10s of Rest
Repeato x 4
During this, Dingo was wondering what we were praying to if we were being Hindu. On the next round he exclaimed: I get to pray to the rat, no one else!

Tired but not defeated, we circled up for Mary which went something like this:
14 x Mayweathers – sit up and throw 2 punches
Homer to Marge mixed in with box cutters x 10, legs to sides, and Rosalita x 10.
5 x Mason Twists
Cobra stretch
Left leg out stretch, flapjack
Stand up for arm across chest, over head, etc other stretches.

Finish up up right as the time turned to 6:16. Good workout, everyone was pretty quiet at the ending. I’m assuming no one liked the workout, for 2 reasons:
1) It was too hard. Good.
2) It was too easy – I doubt this… None of us had perfect form and we all could’ve gone faster…. so I’ll have to assume it was the former!

Apparently Tradition on Tap is tonight. On the 2nd Thursday of the month for some reason.

9 thoughts on “Dingo gets to pray to The Rat, no one else!

  1. King Louie Post author

    Sound off below… and now it’s time to spend 50+ minutes hating Charlotte Traffic, hooray!

    1. King Louie Post author

      I guess he does now. But to The Rat.

      He’s going to be reincarnated as a rat, I believe. Few men can say they went from Australian man, to wild dog, to rat.

    1. Cinder Block

      You know I do this just to see if you will comment. Now I’ll have to hit up precinct again before heading to the Lake. Hell, the last time I showed up you weren’t even there!

  2. Maximus_MECA

    Aah King Louie – another excellent beatdown! Let’s see – Kudos to @dingo for encouraging all during the indian run.

    I enjoy the improved physical condition and camaraderie I get from F3 but another benefit I receive is increased vocabulary. King Louie you say it so well; “Plyometric” – all 4 sylables. I had to google it “jump training to increase speed, power and acceleration”. Learn something new every day – may need to start doing the part of the exercises for jumping, er excuse me – “plyometrics” now!

    1. King Louie Post author

      I’m glad you like them. They are pretty terrible.

      Mostly those plyo burpees though. I’m sure many F3ers never thought the burpee could get much worse.

      They were wrong.

  3. Cinder Block

    I was moving slower than usual by the time we got to plying burpees. I think I averaged two every 20 seconds.

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