Q-less Broga

Four men, with no Q, ventured out in the gloom to “put their stretch on”.  @Clueless noticed we were Q-less and initiated a Round-Robin Broga event that went kinda like this……

The Thang
Everyone take a turn and lead the group with their most favorite Broga stretch.  After a 5 min warm up by @Clueless we began our work and were enlightened to the following:

@Clueless – loves doing core work.  No, really, he LOVES core work.
@JD – did an awesome job with Warrior poses (Runners, Crescent, Warrior 1, 2 etc)
@Othello – lower back, Hip, pelvis and IT band stretches were in his wheelhouse today
@Cooter – rocked the leg-hamstring/glute and shoulder muscles

COT – Taken out by Cooter

Q-less moleskin
1.  We should do the Round Robin more often as it does 2 things:
-Allows each PAX to stretch their area of concern
-Gives PAX an opportunity to hone their skills to Q one day (Cooter/JD-hint 😉
2.  Good conversation about the Ridge golf event – sounded like fun.
3.  The sweat did not start to pour until @Clueless put us through his round of Core/Ab pain.  Did we mention he LOVES Core?!

5 thoughts on “Q-less Broga

  1. Sid Vicious

    I like that idea, once a month we should do the round robin approach. I hate I missed it this am. I can’t get my M to turn off the Olympics at night. The middle of each month I’ll put in a Round Robin Broga in addition to my normal Q signup.

  2. JD

    Good lead by all this morning. Amen on honing Q skills Othello, point well taken. Surprising what you don’t know when your called upon. (:-(
    I think @Clueless lives for core work.

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