Flipping Muggy

The title says it all in regards to weather- but in other news…

8 pax, including a timely capri, assembled for some monday morning torture at Veteran’s park.



windmill x 10

SSH x 15

double step up x 20 per leg

dips x 15

wide hand incline mericans x 10


The Thang:

Mosey and get a rock

run with rock over head

10 x rock press

10x rock curl

mosey with rock

10 x Lou Gaineys

10 x flutter press

10 x rock mericans (slow count)

rock lunges and presses to dip bars

15 x supine pullups and mericans- everybody gets a turn

partner up- one partner runs to bridge and back while other partner moseys with double rocks. trade off and repeato for a good while.

return to park and drop rocks off



The protractor Sally challenge! – the sally challenge, but with angled legs. #muchgroans


Moleskine: very strong showing by FNG head and shoulders! Great job all around men, in spite of the worst weather I’ve experienced this year. 500%┬áhumidity… I’d take sleet anyday.

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  1. Tough Skins

    I’ve seen plenty of sweat angels in the parking lot but never pools of sweat in the parking lot before! WOW! Nice Q Capri.

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