The Fishbone Edition of the RS Cruise

I wonder what happens when you post a back blast 36 hours after the beatdown. We’ll se. So it all started when my head popped of the pillow at 0515 in Summers Walk. I headed down Hwy 73 toward the AO at an average speed of 80 mph, turned in to Moss Creek (no public record of my speed within the subdivision is available), and arrive at RS promptly at 0531. The rest of my last 2 days have continued at about the same pace, as evidenced by this bb.

It seems that there is an idea out there that a run with pain stations is more fun and might draw more pax out than a run with only running. I don’t know. Running after burpees seems to suck more. Just sayin.

So the route is greenway all the way to the end and back to the AO, while running up to each cul-de-sac and the cut-off to the peer. Pain stations along the way with pax choice for each exercise and reps rotating through the pax.

I count 18 pain stations:
-Marquette St. cut off (steep)
-Astoria Ln. cut off
-between the double bridge
-Alexia Ct. cut off (end of the greenway)

We did a bunch of calisthenics including: burpees, LBC, SSH, windmill, WWII sit-up’s, air squats, merkins, incline merkins, and probably some others I don’t remember – sorry.

My record via Runtastic shows 3.35 mi, 41:43 minutes


I guess everything works out – and sometimes it doesn’t!

Thank you guys for being faithful to show up and push each other. Everyone worked hard yesterday morning and I think this version of the cruise is becoming one of the best RS beat-downs. Hope to see more pax answer the challenge.

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