Foolish Prop Comedy

As with any good comedy, some laughed, some cried, but all sweat! 12 of Convergence’s Most Foolish Men rose out the #fartsack for some cardiovascular activity.

After a mumblechattered filled disclaimer we took a mosey from lower lot to the Charle Watts Memorial basketball court for some warm up:

Warmup IC; 15 SSH, 20 Imperial Storm Troopers, 20 Cotton Pickers, 20 Imperial Stretch Troopers, and 20 Merkins.

The Thizzle: I like to incorporate props in my workout. This workout would be filled with them. Mosey to the rockpile. Each man grab a rock walk back to the lower lot with rock above your head, Say Anything style ( YHC did his best to make his fellow men enjoy their rock, even if it meant a botched cadence (apologies for speeding through it)

In a circle, pick up rock, do exercise, Drop Rock and Rotate to the Right, pick up the rock and do next exercise. 20 Curls, 15 Curls, 20 Bent Over Rows, 15 Bent Over Rows, 20 Behind the head presses, 15 Behind the Head Presses

Bells, Balls, Rucks and Rocks Workout

Mosey over to the “Prop Pile”, grab props and head to the Keith Richards Memorial (aka upper lot). I will try to write this and make as much sense of it as I can. 12 men, 12 stations using (2) 20 lb GR1s, (2) Kettle Bells (1) Gigantic Rock and (3) 6 ft 2×6 pieces of Lumber

  • 1st guy with Ruck Sack Lunge Walk half way down the parking lot do 3 Burpees and Quadrapheila back to the Pax and then rotate into the following stations:
  • Kettle Bell Swings
  • Merkins with 20lb Ruck sack
  • LBCs with Gigantic Rock
  • 3 Men doing Squaderkins (2 Men hold each side of the lumber and squat, while partner in the middle puts feet on board for some decline merkins) Rotate Through
  • 3 Men doing Elevator Merkins (2 Men hold each side of the board and squat while partner in the middle does incline merkins) Rotate Through
  • Louie Zampirini Squats- Holding Lumber above head do squats
  • Skull Crusher with 30lb Kettle Bell

After that was complete broke up in teams of 3 for a Lumber race. Since we had 4 teams and only 3 boards. We did 2 races. While the first 3 teams competed, Team 4 did LBCs using Ruck Sack, KB and Rock. The reward for winning race 1 was the crunch station. Team Astrovan won very convincingly on the first race and Team Whately won the second race.

Mosey back to drop off props and back to the Rock Pile for more curls and chest presses, and put rocks up

Jailbreak back for some Mary: Pretzel Crunch x15, the W x15, Peak a Boo x15

Moleskizzle: The reason for the name of this Backblast is because what we do is great comedy. It is foolish to most people when we tell them what we do. “I am not a morning person”, “You guys are crazy”, etc. I have heard it all, as I was the one that used to make these statements before coming to F3. What we have is something that is very special. It is also very foolish (In a good way). Sometimes the best things in life require you to do things that dont make sense to others and maybe even yourself. Think about this. If I told you before you started F3, that you would wake up an hour or two, or even three hours earlier than your normal time to go and workout with guys named Marie, Sugar, Decaf, etc on the cold hard pavement 3-4 times a week, you probably would have said that I was crazy. Such is F3, Fitness, Faith and Fellowship. They should call it F4 and the Fourth F being Foolishness. Because it takes a certain level of foolishness to come out and continue to come out.

However, isnt it worth it? Arent you guys so glad that someone invited you and now you are part of something that is bigger than yourself. Something that is much more significant than just sleeping in. I know I am. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be with you men week in and week out, develop friendships, encourage each other, motivate one another to go harder and also to be there for one another when tragedy strikes. This is a true brotherhood of which I am grateful Today was a special day for me. I was able to bring my oldest son, Jake out with me. All my children have wanted to come for some time now. I want to pass this on to him. For him to see our love for one another, and our love for God and family. Thanks Shnitzel for being faithful to bring your sons with you. Bagheera, Quidditch and Costello have been an encouragement to me. Truth is, all you guys encourage me. Thank you all very much for your accountability and sacrifice to each other. It is uncommon in this world to have the level of trust and accountability we have. It is indeed very foolish.

Let us also consider the cost of following Jesus. It is one of the most foolish things you can ever do. The world will make every reason to throw shame and disgust on those who follow after God. To have faith in a God who sent his son 2000 years ago to die in our place for our sin is a very foolish thing. To go all in for God, and trust Him with every aspect of your life is a very foolish thing. Following Jesus is a great sacrifice. You have to deny yourself daily. But, just like F3, it is worth it. But unlike F3, which will only last for a few years, following Jesus will last for eternity.  I urge you brothers, if you are still reading this and have not put your faith in Christ completely, do so today. It will be the most challenging thing you have ever done, but by God’s Grace, He will see you though and help you every step of the way.

Love you all and am very encouraged by you. Let us share F3 foolishly with our friends and neighbors. Lets us also foolishly follow and share Jesus in the same way.


24 thoughts on “Foolish Prop Comedy

  1. Whatley

    @Hula well done brother! Never a dull workout with you at the helm! Thank you for your encouragement as well and not leavin me hanging on this foolish Go Ruck stuff.

  2. Sugar

    Nicely done @Hula. Definitely worth the long setup. You’d think the Merkin guy would have it hard but being a board holder gets the legs screaming quick.

    Nice Moleskin and great points. You are correct! I was the ‘not a morning guy’ guy and I was the Sad Clown for sure (and sometimes still) but yes, definitely worth it. Most times it’s like adult recess, we get to play!! Sometimes it’s hard to get out of the Fartsack and sometimes I don’t feel into it but I ALWAYS feel better after! There’s no way I’d do this alone! It doesn’t work like that. Very thankful for my F3 Brothers and the accountability!

    Great push today @Verona! The hardest part is showing up! Keep posting! As we say, ‘It won’t get easier, but you will get stronger’!

    And welcome to our newest Triple Hate – @Jakesanity. As if it’s not bad enough getting my old arse kicked by a 16 y/o, I’m sure getting it kicked by a 12 y/o is not far off!

    And, as promised………@Dredd on HTC!

  3. Hula Post author

    Thanks for sharing that @Sugar. I really appreciate it. I didnt even know F3 had a youtube channel.

  4. Marie Calendar

    HA, the entire back blast and comments center around accountability and showing up- all on a day I decided to sleep in.

    So now there’s no choice but to show for the KB work out tomorrow.

    See ALL of you then, right?

    1. Hula Post author

      Missed you MC. This workout was the anti-MC workout. We did opposite of your workout on Tuesday, Very little ground work and very little running. I did bring back the Squaderkins, which my son, Jakesanity told me it was hard when he is was squatting with the big boys doing Merkins. Might have to rethink that lumber, or retire it….

  5. Hula Post author

    Question, is there a Lexicon for our AO.

    For example, Where is the Keith Richard Complex and what is the Mick Jagger Memorial. I never can remember…

  6. Whatley

    @MC I think we all just assumed you couldn’t get the Duece worked out this morning!
    @Hula BLASPHEMY! We’ll never retire the Squaderkin or any form of it!

    1. Hula Post author

      LOL! @ Whatley. I didnt know you felt so strongly about the Squaderkin…

      What about the Elevator Merkin? That one kicked my butt on the squat side

  7. Schnitzel

    @Sourdough, congratulations on WD honors. The respect trio needs a #pumpTheAdvil day every so often. Hopefully you were able to perform WD duties of
    1. Heckling the Q
    2. Complaining about reps
    3. Sweating like a faucet

    KBs are calling…

  8. Bagheera

    Uh-oh, looks like I’m about to lose my War Baby status. Oh well, it’ll feel good having someone younger than me out there. Sounded like a good one @Hula. Schnitzel decided not to post, so naturally I couldn’t. Sorry.

    Maybe next time…

    1. Hula Post author

      Missed you out there @Bagheera. Bringing @Jakesanity was definitely inspired by you and your bros. Hoping that he wants to come back. Some parts were pretty brutal for him.

  9. Grinder

    What’d you say @Hula? You’re going to Q the shield next month? Great! I’m looking forward to it!

    1. Hula Post author

      I am down, what date? Maybe @Sparknut would let us use his shop. How many people usually show?

      1. Grinder

        Looks like it will be on 9/13, 2nd Tuesday of the month. It is usually hosted at someones house and you can expect 8-15 guys to show up.

        1. Hula Post author

          Pencil me in. Waiting to see if we can use Sparknuts shop. With my 5 boys running around, it would be hard to meet at my house. Text me any details I need to know

  10. Schnitzel

    @Hula, way to bring it at the workout (I’m sweating just reading about it and I wasn’t even there) and way to bring it in the back-blast! Nicely done.

  11. Sparknut

    Upper parking lot = Mick Jagger Center
    BB court and playground = Keith Richards Sports Complex
    Far left entrance = Gimmie shelter
    I think there are some others, but I don’t remember.

    Solid beat down Hula. Amen to your comments about foolishly following Jesus!

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