4 Years of Iron Sharpening Iron

It all started 4 years from today on a Saturday (8/4/2012). My wife heard of F3 from @Shazam’s wife and she had been trying to get me to go for a couple weeks. I continued to tell her that I do my own thing and I didn’t have a desire to go run around outside with other men as I had enough of that playing baseball from my youth through college. I finally had enough of the nagging so I said I would give it a try. @Shazam pulled into @Bunny’s (MIA) driveway on a Saturday morning and scooped us up. It was all down hill from there.

Prior to my first post, my marriage sucked, my social life sucked, my relationship with my family sucked, needless to say I was a #sadclown to say the least. Many guys have heard my full story and I won’t go into that here but lets just say that I was on the verge of a divorce with a 4 month old. I felt like I was in a downward spiral as I never measured up in anything I did. But that all changed with that first post and I never looked back at that man I once was.

Fast Forward 4 years… I have a relationship with GOD, my marriage is awesome but still a work in progress as is all marriages, we have three boys, relationship with my parents is much better, I am surrounded by Men that hold me accountable and a job that allows me to be flexible with a young family. Could I ask for more than that? This F3 thing that was started on 1/1/2011 as a workout group has morphed into a brotherhood of men not only making sure they get out of the #fartsack in the gloom but also allows men to be authentic with one another so we can learn from our mistakes. There is nothing better in hearing another man say that he has struggled too.

So enough of that as I am not the best writer…we did workout this morning, we had 20 men and here is how it went down

Run to the back of the Middle School

SSH x20
IST x20
Mountain Climbers x20
Squats x20
Merkins x20

Ring of Fire:
Bear Crawl
Burpees x10
Bear Crawl
Reverse Crunch x20
Carolina Dry Doc x20

Run up to the Baseball field bleachers

4 sets of the following:
15 Derkins from top of bleachers
15 Jump Squats
20 Step Ups on the Bleachers

Run over to Street Road

Monkey Humpers x20
Pickle Pounders x20
Partner Tea Bag Throw Downs x20 (Always a fan favorite)
Partner Derkins x20

Indian Run with Partner Race

2 sets of the following at the Rail:
Partner Dips x20
Partner Suspended Merkins x20

Run back to the parking lot

Low Flutter x25
Mason Twist x20

– Thanks for joining me in the gloom, always a pleasure to lead you men
– Funnest quote during partner exercises this morning: @Hammer – “Are those fruit of the loom or Hanes?”

11 thoughts on “4 Years of Iron Sharpening Iron

    1. Hula

      Thanks for sharing about the positive changes in your life. To Go be the Glory! See you in the Gloom!

  1. Grinder

    Nice reflection there @Colonel… #tearjerker. Sorry I couldn’t make it this morning but I do want to say thank for the EH a while back. It’s been a good time.

  2. Disaster

    Well done @Colonel. That partner race was a killer. I had nothing left for the rest of the workout, as evidenced by my less than inspiring jump over the bushes today. Thanks for your leadership.

  3. Dingo

    Congrats on 4 years Col Mus! That was a tearjerker. But a cool story and a huge reminder of why we should be EH’ing every man we can. Your story will inspire men to do just that.

  4. The Farm

    Good work brother. I’ve never been able to fully understand why this thing works the way it does…but the results speak for themselves. Thanks for the post!

  5. Hula

    You guys should come out to Christian Brothers tommorow morning and honor the Colonel as he brings the pain for Bell Buster’s KB workout!

  6. The Nanny

    Way to give back to F3 with a Q on the day you look back on what F3 has done for you. I love seeing our guys celebrate their F3versaries by giving back to the pax – its counter cultural, it’s awesome, and it’s what a #HIM does.

    Thanks for your honesty and for letting the rest of us who are struggling with some aspect of our life know that we are not alone.

    You put things in a certain order above; God, wife, kids, family, job. You are a man who knows what the order should be and fights through every day trying to make it so. Glad to call you a friend bro.

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