Rock & Run

Seven of┬áMECA’s finest came out for an early August beat down. We started right on time as Genie showed up with 2 minutes to spare.

Mosey to basketball court


  • SSH x 20
  • PS x 20
  • CP x 15
  • Merks x 15

The Thang

Partner up and each group grabs a rock

Partner 1 runs up hill and around natural area (at back of bball court) and returns, Partner 2 starts series of following exercises, swaps, and this continues until group reaches total goal.

  • Burpees x 50 (no rock)
  • Curls x 200
  • OH Press x 200
  • Bent Over Rows x 200

Return rocks and mosey to picnic shelter

  • Dips x 20
  • Decline Merks x 20
  • Repeat for 3 sets

Mosey up toward clubhouse

Stop at first cul de sac for 15 WWIIs

Stop at 2nd cul de sac for 30 LBCs

Stop at cart garage wall for 10 muscle-ups and 20 air squats (2 sets)

Mosey to lower parking lot


  • RC x 20
  • FM x 20
  • MT x 25 (Harding)
  • PC x 20 (Grinder)
  • LF x 20


We asked for continued prayers for Phantom as he recovers from Thyroid cancer surgery and for Thorn’s mom who is battling cancer.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and hope everyone has a good rest of the week!

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