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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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A Tribute – 2 Years for DT with Tabata and Toys

  • When: 03/26/16
  • QIC: Tough Skins
  • The PAX: Chum, Spark Plug (2.0), Drop Thrill, Blue Crush, Third Day (FNG Jackson & 2.0), Tough Skins (QIC), Capri (pre-run)

Today marks DT’s 2nd anniversary with F3.  In tribute to our brother and the guy that got YHC into this “cult” (DT’s words not mine) YHC looked up some past BB from DT’s past Qs to stitch together this hour of power.

Three men and a fido showed for 2.3 mile pre-run.  Four men and two 2.0s showed for an effective beat down with 10 stations of tabata fun.

Capri Lap

  • Ironically Capri showed for the pre-run but had to leave before the Capri Lap
  • Mosey up to the gravel parking area next to highway 218 (oh yeah – YHC has an odd sense of humor)
    • Regular
    • Karaoke (& flapjack)
    • Reverse Gear
  • SSH (x20)
  • IW (x10)
  • Hillbilly (x10)
  • Monkey Humper (10x) Yeap we just did that!  Hopefully we didn’t cause any accidents on 218
  • Windmill (10x)
  • Mosey down to wall ball court

The Thang – Tabata w/Toys

  • YHC (with Chum’s help) setup 10 stations
  • Start at any station and rotate during each rest
  • 40 seconds exercise / 20 second rest and move
    1. Merkins
    2. Slam Ball
    3. Kettlebell Curls
    4. American Hammer
    5. Upright Rows
    6. Squats
    7. Alternating KB Swings
    8. WWII Sit-ups
    9. Triceps Extensions
    10. Lunge Walk
  • After each cycle entire PAX circle up for 40 sec LBCs before continuing through stations again
  • Q fail required extra 40 sec burpee bonanza – we win as a team we fail as a team


  • LBCs (40 sec)
  • Freddie Mercury (x20)
  • Rosalita (Veinte x)


  • First of all let’s remember the miracle of this weekend!  To God be the glory for His perfect plan!
  • Great effort by all – even the 2.0s hung in for majority of the time
  • YHC apologizes for the fail and penalty burpees – everyone gets 1/2 off their F3 dues next month
  • Great to have Jackson (Third Day) hang out with us this week!  Hopefully we’ll see you regularly
  • Congrats to DT for 2 years of F3!!
  • Thanks to DT for the ideas and Chum for the borrowed toys


  • Order your shirts
  • Order your shirts
  • Order your shirts
  • Order your shirts
  • If you don’t order your shirts – more burpee penalties!
  • In short… ORDER YOUR SHIRTS!

Thank you guys for once again letting the weak lead the strong!



Tough Skins


  1. Tough Skins

    Phone voice recorded didn’t work so sound off if I missed anything.

  2. Great lead this morning but I have never called monkey humpers.

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