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1/1 : 7/7

Now this was fun!  We didn’t sprint.  We didn’t even really run too fast (well clearly Swiss Miss did).  But we covered over 3.5 miles according to Big Tuna and BLC.  So a nice light jog will tick you some mileage. Today’s goal was to learn to use the “jogging” as a refresher/breath-catcher in between […]

Mint Hills

Mint Hills We started out as usual when Pantene showed up. YHC gave the traditional disclaimer and we moseyed to the memorial for warmup. SSH, Windmill, Penny Pickers, Imperial Troopers, and Arm Circles. With the upcoming Huntersville Half YHC decided to work on hills, even though there are no hills in the Huntersville Half according […]

5 minute repeats

This mornings Q was a bit of a surprise as IDK decided to enjoy his prom night and thought it would best to have YHC lead so he could sleep in after a big night of dancing and whatever else happens at prom these days. We started as always when Pantene arrived.  We had a […]

Peoples Q

YHC posted that today will be a “Peoples Q”.  Why? Just because, no particular reason than to mix it up a bit and to give our newer Pax a chance to practice in front of their peers.  A good time was had by all and is described below. 0600 –  BLC and Big Tuna take […]

Improv at the Vet

There’s the plan and there’s what happened.  The plan was to spend the hour in the tennis courts. Unfortunately the courts were locked so we changed it up a bit. Started as always when Pantene showed up, known to others as 7am.  Made an extraordinarily lousy disclaimer and off we went to warm up.  Before […]

Full-Body Workout

My plan going into this was to have more of a refreshing workout rather than a tiresome sore work out so we ended up doing a little bit of everything Phase 1: ⁃ Run to pork chop hill ⁃ Warm Up: ⁃ Grab Rocks ⁃ 20 Curls, 20 Triceps, 20 Shoulder Presses ⁃ Run around […]


Mosey to Memorial COP SSH, GPJ,Burpies, Bear Crawl through Korean War Memorial Round 1- Australian Pull Ups on rail, 20 Merkins off of parking blocks, Run to pavilion in the ball fields 20 step ups Rince and repeat till Q calls time Mosey to benches between ball fields 25 Merkins 25 HTH 25 Bob Hurlys […]

MQ Birthday Beatdown

YHC bribed 19 of his closest @F3Minthill pax with coffee and donuts if they came to celebrate his birthday (52) at the Vet this gloom.  Honestly, I can’t believe that many posted but I was humbled by the turn out.  Great to see so many brothers taking the DRP. 0630 – YHC picks up the […]

The Vet meets Jack Webb

[three_fifth_last][/three_fifth_last]”Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.” Every now and then a leader faces moments that he knows beforehand will bring him to his limits, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Some part of him will be tempted to demand the front. But, […]