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F3 MeCa | May 13, 2021

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Simple = Mucho Sucko

  • When: 03/04/2016
  • QIC: Tough Skins
  • The PAX: Drop Thrill, Capri, Swiss Miss, Blue Crush, Chum, Tough Skins (QIC)

As YHC has learned over the past year, simple almost never equals easy.  Normally it ends up meaning hard.  In this case it equaled mucho sucko!

Capri Lap

  • SSH (20x)
  • IW (20x)
  • Happy Appy (20x)
  • Windmill (10x) 20 would just take too long

The Thang

Part 1

  • Exercises
    • #1- Arm Curls (20x)
    • #2- Tricep Ext (20x)
    • #3- Shoulder Presses (20x)
    • #4- Double Arm Swing (20x)
  • Stations
    • #1- LBCs (20x)
    • #2- Squats (20x)
    • #3- Merkins (20x)
    • #4- Dips (20x)
  • Each PAX performs exercise #1 then run to station #1 and run back to home base
  • Perform exercise #1 and #2 then run to station #1 and #2 before returning
  • Continue until last round all 4 exercises and all 4 stations (thus the sucko)

Part 2

  • 11’s with calf raises and MORE squats starting at the b-ball court ending at light post on the left (thanks Blue Crush – apparently YHC was low on O2)

Finish Strong!

  • Circle up for one last round of exercises #1-4


  • Full Disclosure – YHC stole most of this wenkie from South Carolina.  Sorry, can’t give them credit – can’t find the old backblast.
  • Good work by all today.  Thank you for letting YHC lead from the back (smoked Q).
  • Glad the new speaker was a hit and Capri’s easy listening station was offline.  All of todays music was in fact edited for your listening pleasure.  YHC had to do some playlist editing last night to make double sure.
  • Awesome to see DT back in the gloom.  Sorry your arms hate me (just got a text from him).
  • ISI and God gets the glory!


  • Food is Fuel starts Sunday.  Don’t be that guy!  Do it for yourself and for your brothers.  We all need each other.
  • Men’s breakfast coming up.  Capri and I can’t remember when though so stay tuned.
  • Mud run silliness is coming up.  Sounds like Swiss Miss REALLY wants YOU to go!  Please sign up with him.


Tough Skins


  1. Tough Skins

    Sound off if I missed anything. My recorder didn’t work real well.

  2. That workout sucked so much. Good work!

    My padawan is the master now.

    • Tough Skins

      Not sure that being the slowest would qualify as master, but I certainly beat everyone still in bed!

  3. Swiss Miss

    Yes, that did suck. Good job, TS.

    Music MUCH better than last week (I know that’s not saying much)

    Just learned that I can’t make it to Spring Mud Run. I’ll be in New Orleans (had my dates confused). But there’s no reason another 4 MH men can’t step up and represent. You guys are ready to rock that course.

    Please give Manatee plenty of grief for me tomorrow. I’d do it in person, but have the Q at Ascent/Olympus and haven’t figured out the whole “two places at the same time” thing yet.

  4. SM could learn a lesson from Michael Keaton in Multiplicity.

    Great Workout this morning TS. Mucho Sucko is right especially since its piled on top of the heap I’m still feeling from Weds Wilderness Crawl marathon.

    See you guys tomorrow for the Manatee VQ

    Order yer shirts!

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