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F3 MeCa | May 15, 2021

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Cake, Balloons and Pain

  • When: 02/22/16
  • QIC: Tough Skins
  • The PAX: Flash Dance, Tool Man, Baby Face, Capri, Blue Crush, Swiss Miss, Gaffigan, Webelo, Snoop, Gremlin, Chum, Tough Skins (QIC)

OK – maybe not balloons or cake, but pain for sure.  Still a great way to celebrate 1 year of F3 with 12 strong dudes.  For full disclosure YHC first posted a little over a year ago, but with scheduling and the lack of vacant Q spots on our sign-up (that’s a good thing) today was the chosen date.  In honor of the occasion YHC decided to repeat that first workout as closely as possible with our given AO.  What ensued is roughly outlined below.


  • Disclaimer given to PAX
  • Credit to Strange Brew for the weinke from a year ago
  • Moseyed around the upper parking lots just in time to see Capri sliding in on two wheels


  • Fire up the headlamp or flashlight if you have them (and if the battery works)
  • Head into the woods for an early morning trail run
  • Plank it up at the first bridge and hold for six
  • Indian Run (sort of) back towards the playground (collecting the casualties)
  • Plank it up and hold for six
  • On to the lower lot for COP


  • SSH (20x)
  • 4 Count Merkins (15x)
  • IW (20X)
  • Squats (15x)



  • Mosey to picnic area and partner up
  • P1 runs down path to intersection of path between fields and back
  • P2 Dips
  • Flapjack and repeato until QIC calls time
  • P1 runs to intersection
  • P2 Incline Merkins
  • Flapjack and repeato until QIC calls time
  • P1 runs to intersection
  • P2 Step-ups
  • Flapjack and repeato until QIC calls time

Part 2

  • Mosey to double tennis courts
  • Bear Crawl to far sideline of second court
  • Sprint back
  • Plank and hold regular… elbow… hold
  • Crab Walk to far sideline of second court
  • Sprint back
  • Plank and hold for six
  • Lunge walk to far side of second court
  • Sprint back

Part 3

  • Mosey to wall ball court
  • People’s chair 75 sec hold
  • People’s chair w/ 40 air presses
  • BTTW (2x)


  • Flutter
  • Heels to Heaven
  • LBC
  • Rosalita
  • WWII Sit-ups


  • After the Tweet last night for headlamps YHC made sure his was in the truck.  YHC should have thought to make sure the battery was also WORKING.  Maybe after realizing we were short a couple / few lights QIC should have changed to a more illuminated area to warmup.
  • Yes Snoop we do need help with our Indian Run.  For whatever reason every time we try to Indian Run up that particular hill it ends poorly.  Some people never learn.
  • Flash Dance has some nice road rash to go with the Back Blast to tell the story from this morning.  Sorry brother!
  • I really don’t remember much from that first workout a year ago after the Indian Run.  YHC was so O2 deprived not much else made sense.  No oxygen + stupid names for everything + weakness of every kind = confusion.
  • No Chum YHC did not and will not calling a Peg Leg.  We’ll leave that for you and Swiss Miss.
  • DT – we missed you today brother.  Seriously everyone pray for health and healing for our brother Drop Thrill.  This dude has and continues to be an inspiration for me and other.  Lets stand in the gap for him now and get him healthy!  It’s been too long without you.
  • Again YHC can’t say thank you enough for letting me lead you.  It’s truly an honor.  To God be the glory.
Tough Skins


  1. Tough Skins

    Sound off if I missed anything.

  2. Thanks for the prayers. Hopefully this new round of drugs will do the trick.

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