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F3 MeCa | May 15, 2021

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K.I.S.S. / Simple isn’t easy / Set it and Forget it… who cares I’m tired!

  • When: 02/06/16
  • QIC: Tough Skins
  • The PAX: Blue Crush, Wolverine (2.0), Journey, Steamboat Willie, Capri, Manatee, Hiccup, Chum, Sparkplug (2.0), Fruit Loop (2.0), Tough Skins (QIC), Drop Trill (Coffeteria)

10 PAX 11PAX maybe 12 PAX? defeated the fartsack to come play on the playground.


  • Mosey extra long Capri lap to upper parking area next to 218
  • Disclaimer given
  • SSH (20x)
  • IW (15x)
  • Windmill (10x)
  • Happy Appy (15x)
  • Man Merkins (5x)
  • Mosey back down to playground regular, reverse and kareokee


  • Rounds of Jacobs Ladder (6,1 / 5,2 / 4,3 / etc.) rinse and repeat until time called

Round 1

  • To Pork Chop Hill
    • LBC at the bottom
    • CDD at the top
  • To the playground
    • Pull-ups (or let downs)
    • Lunge walk to and from
    • Double Step-ups on the picnic table

Round 2

  • To Pork Chop Hill
    • WWII sit-ups at the bottom
    • Squats at the top
  • To the playground
    • Supines
    • Lunge walk to and from
    • Dips


  • Freddie Mercury
  • LBCs
  • WWII sit-ups


  • In honor of Capri, and his marathon training, we took an unusually long Capri lap.  We’re all behind you my friend!
  • YHC thought we would take advantage of the daylight for some free advertisement next to Hwy 218.  YHC also thought it better to skip the Monkey Humpers for onlookers sake.
  • Workout rule #437 – don’t hit yourself in the face with the bar doing supines… especially on a cold morning.  Credit: Blue Crush
  • Chum called this set it and forget it.  Yeah pretty close…
  • O2 dep made keeping up with the count pretty difficult a couple times.
  • Apparently every one was pretty smoked.  YHC saw at least two people roll down Pork Chop Hill and a couple people were literally smoking during name-o-rama.  YHC guesses that’s a good sign.
  • Ninja Capri showed up just in time for Mary after his almost 8 mile solo run.
  • Good to see DT after his vacation.  Can’t wait to see you back in the gloom.
  • Good work by everyone today.  Thanks again everyone for letting the weak lead the strong!
Tough Skins


  1. Tough Skins

    Sound off in the comments if I missed anything.

  2. Good to see so many posting on a Saturday!

    Hate I missed out on it.

  3. Manatee

    Great job Q-ing TS. In my defense the only reason I rolled down the hill was so Sparkplug would get back to work. Hiccup and Steamboat can back me up on that!

    Good work today gentlemen.

    • Tough Skins

      Thanks Manatee! I believe you…

  4. yeah, Im working on spark plug’s recent lack of enthusiasm. hopefully its not symptoms of pre-teen years.

    • Tough Skins

      Spark Plug sure does like to race though. He rarely turns down a direct challenge.

    • Manatee

      Sparkplug is a good kid. Does WAY more than I would have at his age. And let’s be honest, I was probably going to fall down that hill anyway.

  5. Manatees are never much good on land anyway.

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