sticky grass and heavy blocks

4 fearless (or uninformed) PAX joined YHC for a healthy dose of downpainment to get their Friday started right.  Here’s the thang:


10-Low Slow Goblet Squat
10-Good Morning
10-Mountain Climber

The Main Thang:
Partner up. P1 carries both KBs, P2 grabs two concrete blocks.  Mosey to grassy area beside parking lot.
P1 does rock hopper (or downhill skier) over both KBs, P2 farmer carry both blocks to cone and back.  Flapjack until team count is 100.
P1 does brick burpee, P2 does grass burner.  Flapjack until team count on burpees is 50.

Hold block overhead and mosey to playground with pause for dips 10-IC.

Pullup pyramid at the playground: 4, 6, 8, 6, 4 – partner assist as needed to get full count.

Hold block overhead and mosey toward street with another pause for dips 10-IC.
Shoulder block and ruck-speed mosey to front corner of church.  Pause for squats with block: 10-IC.
Shoulder block and ruck-speed mosey back to cars.
Blocks down and return to field for KB work.

Ease into things with 2-handed swings 10-OYO
High pull – 10R, 10L – OYO
(may have had something in here . . . can’t remember)
Romanian Deadlift – 5R, 5L – OYO
Turkish Getup -3R, 3L – more or less together

10-Louganis w/bell
Double Protractor (arms straight with KB held at same angle as legs).  Each PAX calls angle and 10-count.  90, 45, 15, 10, 45

Poncho’s 2nd ever Q is tomorrow, @ The Vet.  If you missed his VQ on Wednesday, this will be your chance to see how he does with the extra 15 minutes.

There’s some kind of run event Monday night that F3 is sponsoring or something, I don’t know.  Chum brought it up, ask him.  Or go here:

YHC had talked with Chum about concrete blocks (cinderblocks for those raised in the South), but forgot and so had planned for a lot more “grass burners.”  What a terrible idea.  The **** discs wouldn’t slide even though the grass was soaked with dew.  It was more of a bear crawl.  Thank goodness we had the blocks to play with instead.

There was a surprising amount of grumbling from the PAX (read: HH) which started from the moment he stepped out of the car and probably is still running in the background.  But YHC had a goal of embracing Mint Hill Metal’s new direction to be more like Skunkworks and less like Meathead: (i.e. more running, using other gear in addition to KBs, and not just jamming with tunes in a circle like some testosterone infused glee club).  I think we achieved that goal.  Time will tell if it sticks.

The Ghost Flag was posted but remained unclaimed.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.  And extra props to Chum for the blocks.  Sounded like HH has a line on a large stash, so I’d like to stock some on site and make them a regular part of the fun we call Mint Hill Metal.

Thanks also for the solid take out from HH.

4 thoughts on “sticky grass and heavy blocks

  1. Horsehead

    Like the new direction. Also like running + Kbs, but not with cinder blocks (no handle, bony shoulder, sucks).

    If you want to stand around in a circle, go to Meathead on Thursday – just 5 miles up the road.

    Grumbling will continue if I ever have to push those stupid frisbees in knee high wet grass again. That was hard times.

    I need to do more pull ups. I am really not very good at them.

    – HH

  2. High Tide

    Wait, is this a knock? “less like Meathead: (…not just jamming with tunes in a circle like some testosterone infused glee club).” There is no “glee” at Meathead! Only pain!

    Seriously, like the creativity, but I’ll admit I wouldn’t be a grass/hair burner fan either.

    Got to get out there and join you gents sometime soon…


  3. Chum

    It all started with a slip up from Capri during the rain events when he had us running laps in the circuit. Then DT repeated the misstep with some running leg grinders. As Site Q I failed to step in and correct them, so the committee (me, myself, and not irene) decided to pop the 0.0 mandate off at MH Metal.

    Wethinks the MH pax are ready for this change in pace and the site definitely favors the format well. 0.0 will always be welcome at mHm (at the Q discretion).

    SM did an awesome job bringing the skunk flavor in today. Not so sure about those grass burners tho. Wet grass don’t burn. It didn’t even smoke a little. But the price has been paid.

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