Don’t Be Late Q!

I guess I hit snooze this morning!  When I rolled out of bed it was already 5:20am!  I tried as hard as could to get to the workout, as I was the Q!  so I rolled in, in my wife “Mom Of 6” minivan at 5:30:01 and the pax was already rolling!  Not only were they rolling, but they were heading away from the AO!  So I hauled my sick ass out of the minivan and chased them down.  When I finally caught up to them, @Buckwheat was leading some warmup exercises(Thanks for stepping up brother).  I stepped into formation and proceeded to warm up via Buckwheats guidance, waiting to be called out for being late.  It didn’t happen.  Buckwheat ran through his routine, NO ONE called me out?  Was I at the right workout?  I pulled my weinke out and asked Buckwheat if he wanted me to take over?  He looked surprised and said he didn’t see me come in?  Thats cause I was wearing my winter tights baby!!  no more cold legs for this Dingo!!

We moseyed back to the church and completed the following;

Bottom Parking lot

20 x Push ups

20 x Squat Thrusts

20 x Squats

6 x 20m sprints


Mosey to the Outback

Bear Crawl length of field

Lunge walk back

Burpee Broad Jumps back

6 x sprints across field


It was in here somewhere that I once again questioned if I was at the right workout??  It was so quiet??  What was going on??  Since Buckwheats warm up, I hadn’t heard anyone say a single thing?  This is not Tradition??  We love the mumble chatter!!!!  I even gave them a ton of ammo by being the Q and being late!  But nothing…….So I started to investigate.  It took about 2 well aimed questions to get the chatter rolling and once Major Pain joined in…….well… all know what happens when he starts talking 😉

Mosey to Haunted daycare

20 x WWII situps

20 x plank straddle walk out

20 x Mason twist

3 x spints down and up hill


Mosey back to parking lot

No time for Mary

The Late Moleskin;

  1. Thanks @Buckwheat for stepping up!
  2. Great to know that if a Q can’t make it for whatever reason the pax keeps rolling!
  3. That was  tough one for me to get through.  Coming off a week of sickness and only my second post this week.  Love the accountability of F3!  No way I would’ve gone to a gym this morning!
  4. Great push at the end @Buckwheat & @Ribshack!  Its amazing how far a little competition will push you!
  5. Speaking of push, during the workouts, push your brothers!  Make them better!  Encourage them to do more!  Iron Sharpens Iron!

12 thoughts on “Don’t Be Late Q!

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Looks like I missed a good one. I’m also a little shocked that the pax didn’t pile on Dingo for being late. I miss the Thursday workouts. Can’t wait to be back out there.

  2. The Farm

    If I had been there, you can believe you would’ve heard about being late. And did you get sick before or after wearing cut off sleeves and shorts to a sub 40 degree beatdown?

        1. Dingo Post author

          And I’m still waiting for your self proclaimed mumblechatter to appear?!?! All I ever see you doing when i Q is gasp for breath! Lol!! 😉

          1. The Farm

            Yeah right! Don’t know where you got that from! You get plenty of mumblechatter from me! Bring it!

  3. Buckwheat

    @Dingo- The reason we didn’t give you any mumble chatter when we spotted you was because the mosey and warmorama I led in your absence was so intense the Pax coudn’t breathe ;-)! Honestly, I did not see you when you snuck in. Probably because it was so dark in that daycare parking lot, but most likely due to the fact that you are about 4′ 8″ and were fully clothed at a Beatdown for the first time EVER.

    @The Farm has a valid point, @Dingo. You were fine on Monday and came down sick AFTER you showed up dressed for a summer Beatdown when it was like 30•. I was feeling bad for you this morning, but don’t feel so bad now. You definitely wised up today and came in proper attire. Could this be the end of the sleeveless shirts until spring.?.?.? Probably not…

    As for our warmup, we did a nice mosey to the daycare, SSH x 15IC, Imperial Storm Squats x 10IC, Windmill x 10IC, Cotton Picker x 10IC, Mericans x10IC, Peter Parker x10 IC.

  4. Buckwheat

    Despite your tardiness, it was still a quality Beatdown @Ding. Thanks for the talk a few weeks ago about pushing ourselves more during beatdowns. I’ve taken that to heart and am giving a little more effort. Glad to be up near the front for once!

  5. Maximus_MECA

    Solid beatdown tag team of Buckwheat and Dingo. @Dingo I like it when you are the Q, warmly attired, late and recovering from a cold as apparently that is when your Australian accent comes out! When you told us to run faaahst across the outback – I wasn’t sure what to do until I saw the Pax sprinting across the field and Buckwheat translated faaahst for us.

  6. Maximus_MECA

    Ahhh. @Coyote – you picked up on the intentional irony of my noting @dingo’s accent. Also, I notice your brother Josh’s F3 name is Gangsta’s paradise (pronounced gangstah) as opposed to Gangster’s paradise. Do all in your family have a desire to talk like Bostonians?

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