One Year of Merkins

12 PAX braved the elements to do a something like this…

Warm up

SSH x 25, Karate Kid Part 2 x 20

Indian Chief Run – the guy in the back does 5 merkins down the trail,  then 5 air squats back ending at the block pile

Stations – group of 4 squat variations, then 4 merkin variation x 2

set 1 – plie squats IC x 30, SL squats x 15 ea, prisoner squats x 30, sumo with block x 30

set 2 – clock merkins, bulldog merkins x 15, Carolina dry docks x 15, hand over markins on block x 10 ea


SL bridge x 10ea, pretzel stick x 10 ea, XO (Lawdog), LBCs x 37(Pox)


  • It is an honor and privilege to lead this group of men.  This has been a great year and I look forward to many more.
  • We wish Watley well on his job interview.
  • Look for more information about an event for F3 at Run for your life in University.

3 thoughts on “One Year of Merkins

  1. Pox

    Great first year Stretchy, the morning mosey along the greenway was a great way to warm-up both the bodies and the mubblechatter. Lots of improvement all the way around and great to have Hammer stop by #oldtimers@reunite Here’s to another year AYE!

  2. Marie Calendar

    Good change up on the IR onto the dark nature trail, Stretchy. A little cool this morning but this just preps us for the really cold mornings that are just around the corner…

  3. Schnitzel

    @Stretchy – sorry to miss, looks like a winner. I’m in crunch time at work with late nights. Great weather, enjoy while it lasts. Lookout for the return of the Phys Fit Test around Veterans Day.

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