Obstacle Course, and other Shenanigans

14 of The Faithful joined in an unseasonably cool gloom, with launch temps around 37°. It was a good ol’ fashioned beatdown that went something like this…

Dynamic Mosey to Outback for Warm-o-rama

  • SSH x 35, just to get the blood flowing (some of the pax stopped around #28, thinking they must have missed a change in exercise…), Cotton Picker, Slow Squat x 10, Arm Circles OYO, while admiring the starry sky…

10 x 2 Ladder

  • 10 x 2 Ladder: start with 2 pull ups, run across field to sidewalk for 10 hand-release burpees. YHC confessed the propensity to occasionally #jellylube the ‘merican portion of the burpee, by not actually performing a full ‘merican… well, hand-release ‘mericans will solve that problem!
  • LBC’s & plank jacks while waiting on the 6 to finish up

Line up at the far side of the parking lot in front of the kiddie playground for an obstacle course…

  • Round 1: Bear crawl to far curb (groans were heard), Incline ‘Merican Plank Walk (is that a thing?) across the curb to the far corner, then broad jump / Carl Lewis back to starting point.
  • Round 2: Forwards / Backwards run through parking lot lines to far curb, Dips all along length of back curb (YHC called BS about halfway through…), then chimp walk back to starting point (ouch – gonna feel that one tomorrow)

Gather in the portico and partner up. P1 races around the church building, while P2 rests with some people’s chair. 2 rounds each.

Mary: Low Flutter, Pretzel Crunch, Mason Twist, Minute Elbow Plank


The Moleskin

  • YHC tried to call out Pharaoh for jelly lubing the chimp walk, by not having his six low enough. He logically explained that he is an evolved chimp…
  •  Ajax doesn’t mess around with pull ups. His philosophy: the faster I do them, the sooner I’ll have them done… aye.
  • I thought I remember hearing that Ghetto D prefers not to run…well, dude was pushing it around the building during the sprints. I was just trying to keep him in my sights.


  • *FREE* Mud Run ticket available for this Saturday. This is a once in a lifetime chance to be on a Mud Run team with Forgotten Jelly… Chances like this don’t come along everyday people! Jump on it!
  • Beat down Chow Down Oct. 31st. Mark your calendars and hard commit on the preblast


6 thoughts on “Obstacle Course, and other Shenanigans

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    And yes, we do still have a free mudrun ticket! Not only will you be running with me, but you will run with Guinness and Triple Threat!! Doesn’t get much better than that.

  2. Maximus_MECA

    Excellent beatdown Trail Mix. You covered a lot of ground this am – made me forget it was cold out.

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