We were Semi-Pro

The Pax were 7 strong for a special Speed in prep of college basketball’s midnight madness.

The Thang:

mosey to the bus lot for COP

SSH x 20
with a basketball for 1 min each: figure eights, around the waist, around the ankle, waist, head in rotating fashion, figure eights dribbling

17s – speed dribble bus parking lanes 17 x

tip drills – two line tip drill off the backboard. if the ball hits the ground or a Pax is touching the ground with the ball in hand, 5 burpees for the entire team. Turned into one line after 5 minutes of chaos.

layup lines, right side then left.

Jump shot lines, right side then left.

Shot fake with closing in defender, right side then left.

4 spot passing drill on the blocks and elbows.

3 man weave with finishing layup

2 man sliding passing drill, with finishing layup.

4 games of intense knockout

Like any good finishing practice, 2 free throws per Pax, 3 burpees per missed free throw.


The Moleskin:

1. Skipper dressed the part today and looked like Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro. Priceless.
2. Special guest appearance by Pony Boy, apparently because he knew it was not a traditional Speed workout. Next week we’ll tell him the same.
3. I’ve never been so excited to see The Nanny mobile rolling in, because he made 6 which we needed for even 3 man weave teams. Then Ironhide popped in to give us a cushion. And we needed it after an ankle injury incurred during one of the drills. Prayers for a quick recovery and in hopes it wasn’t a serious injury.
4. Thanks to the Pax for joining in one of my favorite, non-traditional speed workouts. It only happens 2x a year!
5. Awards for the morning: Best layups and appearance: Skipper. Best passing drill execution: Shazam. Best tip drill presence: Ironhide. Best jump shot form and dirty defense: Pony Boy. Best consistent knock performance because his 2.0s beat him in his driveway: The Nanny. Best attitude and most entertaining: SNARE!

Have a great day!


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  1. Skipper

    Great workout and 2nd F today! Coach @Stoli knows how to motivate his team and put together a solid practice. Prayers for a quick recovery for @IronHide.

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