You ladies afraid of a little cool weather?

The weather, it’s a-changin’ and that seems to have scared off many Stoners today. So we were only seven in number but much larger in heart and attitude. It went something like this:

Indian run around PVA island. Stop for 25 burpees. There were some questions on hearing the number right but yes, it’s 25.

IR to lower PVA for 20 WWII situps.

Mosey to basketball court for warm ups- 20 SSH, 20 IST, 10 windmill, 10 cotton-picker.

15 burpees

Bear crawl length of BB court, then lunge walk back

Crab walk BB court, lunge walk back.

Repeato above pattern 3X

15 burpees (a few complaints here as a pattern seems to be setting in)

Faster paced mosey to picnic tables (I thought it was an average mosey but PAX comments seemed to say different).

15 derkins

10 jump ups

20 incline merkins

Run over to alcove for 30 air squats and 40 LBC’s

Repeato above pattern 3X except for audible to make last run over to Drago for last set of squats/LBC’s

15 burpees (someone noticed that by now Sparknut had shed the weight vest. Kudos for even bringing that thing out but I did set out to make him regret it, ha)

Mosey to PVA for 15 partner leg throw-downs X3

15 burpees and now everyone is upset about it including QIC

Mosey to lower PVA, with a little sight-seeing tour around the island again before heading down.

Semi-Mary: 15 SSH (Watley), some one-legged dead lifts (Law Dawg) and 10 more burpees (you are welcome).


We are truly blessed to live in this country- Law Dawg’s recent Haiti experience certainly reinforces that. Being part of God’s family is also a blessing that should fill us with awe- “How great is the love that the Father has lavished upon us that we would be called sons and daughters of God!” 1 John 3:1

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “You ladies afraid of a little cool weather?

  1. Pox

    Marie Calendar, sorry I missed the beat-down, my knees were beat down from playing basketball yesterday with a group of teenagers @notasyoungasIused2b, or perhaps it was the chilly weather. Anyways, great to see the lunge walk has stuck with you, I hope your hands were above your head with an imaginary PVC!

  2. Marie Calendar Post author

    Pox – Yep, I agree lunge walks will stick with you for a couple of days. The overall workout I copied from Glock as it’s one we did at SkyWalker last week when I was making up for missing The Stone.

    I am sure it was the knees, you are too furry for the cool weather to hold you back.

  3. Sparknut

    I gotta give “Respect” to the WarDaddy/QIC. It felt like the very first time I was touched by F3 #madonna1984. Haha. You brought the pain big daddy. We need more like that. I’m looking forward to your next Q.

    Great job to everyone out there. We all worked hard this morning.

    I think think Marie Calendar has proved himself as an F3 stud and should be honored among the other single female named studs. I vote his name be changed to “Marie”. What say the PAX?

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