Current Events Beatdown

Wow, there’s a lot going on around F3?  I guess that’s what happens when you train, encourage, and support groups of men to lead in their communities.  So let’s discuss what are the latest current events with our pax…oh yeah, and workout.

9 of @MECA’s finest awoke to thunder and lightning and decided it would be a good idea to head to their local park.  As God likes to do for F3ers he kept the rain from falling at #MallardCreekPark so we could enjoy the following:

The Current Events Thang:

Well, maybe I don’t remember everything we did today and as @Hammer realized, “Are you just making this up as we go along?” Maybe. But, the topics we discussed and associated exercises included:

  1. The Columbia, SC, flooding and call to arms of all F3ers to pitch in.  The Beatdown-Chowdown scheduled for today was cancelled so that the men of @Tradition and @MECA could travel to Columbia and help out.  A lot of heavy lifting and long hours are ahead of them so we honored that be taking to the big hill for a circuit of quadrafelia with 1 burpee at the top (see Item 4) and 5 merkins on the bottom (see Item 5) until we reached 40 merkins.  The rock pile curls and skull crushers were also for our Columbia brothers.
  2. GORUCK Challenge @RaceCity in Mooresville.  Over 35 F3 brothers spent last night working as a team and testing their limits while being trained by one of America’s finest.  Lots of mericans today and of course the picnic table press, which YHC saw on Twitter last night , for these #GORUCK studs!
  3. #F3Haiti – @Frodo, @LawDawg, @ColMustard, and @Omaha spent this past week serving the people of Haiti. We did sprints on the soccer field today for these men who posted each morning in Haiti on the local soccer field.
  4. @TheFarm is celebrating his 1-year wedding anniversary today!  #GodblessMTheFarm  We did 1 burpee for @TheFarm and his M. Oh, we did it more than once…
  5. @MSkipper turns 40 today!  We started with 40 x SSH, and completed a few more exercises today with 40 reps in her honor.

YHC had a fun day at a damp #MCP today.  Lots of 2nd F and a solid beatdown is my favorite kind of workout!

Prayers for all of our current events today.



2 thoughts on “Current Events Beatdown

  1. Skipper Post author

    Forgot to mention that our FNG Ben is R2D2’s bro-in-law from St Louis who is an active duty Army soldier making a weekend trip to CLT. T-Claps and Godspeed to him on his next assignment at Army special operations school. The @BalloonMan nickname comes from his new found clown talents.

  2. Sugar

    Well done today @Skipper. I was one of the few who didn’t check email yesterday so I showed up at Tradition. I was really looking forward to it as big workouts are usually fun. @Gazebo and @TrailMix kindly told me the MCP was still on so I busted it and showed up just in time. (I have been accused of driving a bit fast, ask @LawDawg). I WAS NOT disappointed! Today’s workout was awesome and full of what makes a great workout. It was well lead, tough, I got to meet some new PAX and a brand new PAX (good luck @BalloonMan) and also got to see some brothers I don’t often see in my weekly routine. (Oh, and it rained too. For some reason I enjoy that!). Great theme today as well and very timely. We are all a part of something very special. The actions of F3Nation this week, whether in Haiti or at home in Columbia, should allow all communities to rest easy knowing there are leaders among them ready to step up when needed.

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