The Potty Run

4 pax for a cool Cruise.  Getting close to where we will need gloves and hats.

The Thang:

  1. 201 Central Loop.  5.87 mi.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. Give the pax an option other than running….and they take it!  17 at Skywalker today.
  2. Skipper was surprised that Pavarotti did not show up…considering he texted him mid-pre-run begging to use his bathroom, Pavs answered his front door in his boxers, but then did not post?  And a note to everyone else…if Skipper asks if he might ever possible be able to stop by if he might ever possibly need to drop the kids at the pool during a run…he will.
  3. All the potty talk (no, literally, we were talking about potties) came at a bad time for me.  Lets just say I had the only round muscle in the body in lockdown mode for the back half of the run and barely made it  home in time to avoid some serious laundry issues.
  4. Nighthawk needs to find some faster runners b/c he pulled a “Frodo” and was buzzing around us and circling the entire run.  We estimate he ran 10 mi while we ran 6.
  5. Chopper is complaining about his grandma hip and needs another cripple to come and run with him.  Dropcloth?
  6. Skipper has USMC Marathon in 2 weeks!!