We WILL Run!

14 Men beat the fartsack and posted at Tradition!

Disclaimer – I wanted to run today!

Warm up

1 mile run

  1. 25 x SSH
  2. 2 x burpees
  3. 10 x windmill
  4. 10 x merkins
  5. 15 x IST

Mosey to the Church building and Partner up

Partner 1 – Runs to back of church and does 2, 4, 6 burpees

Partner 2 does Merkins & WWII situps

Flapjack until both partners complete 6 burpees

Mosey to bottom lot

Suicides up and down entire parking lot lines.  20(??) lines, touching every line.

Got my first BS call here and people started dropping!  Jelly lubers were everywhere!  But there is no Lube in our 60 year old Sensei!  Who touched every single line!  Did Jelly and Blinddate touch any lines? Doubtful!

Mosey to the flag and circle up

Jack Webbs 1 – 10


  1. Lbc x 20
  2. Reverse crunch x 10
  3. The squirm x 15
  4. Airborne mindbenders x 1 min

The Moleskin

  1. Columbia water drive!  Drop cases/bottles of water at Dingoes house – 3506 Armitage Dr.
  2. Truck/trailer leaves at 5:00pm today
  3. Lets make a difference!


10 thoughts on “We WILL Run!

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice beatdown Dingo.

    FYI…I did touch the lines, with my feet. I would like to point out that the Q didn’t say anything about touching the lines with your hands until we were over halfway done.

    Bring the water guys. Our brothers in Columbia need all the help they can get.

  2. Gazebo

    I couldn’t keep track of which line I was on, willing to bet that I missed some and repeated some!!! Good lead this morning Dingo, I’ll be bringing some cases of water to help those in need.

  3. Guinness

    Innkeeper was following me. I ran to a few lines more than once on the way back Which made him run more than he was supposed to. I was doing fine for a while following Landlord but he got too far ahead. Good beatdown overall, Dingo. Those Jack Webbs we’re tough at the end.

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