Pax Fail

One Traditioner and one Davis Laker showed at The Valley for YHC’s version of The Grinder. After having a Q fail and not incorporating the large hill to/from the greenway during my initial Q at The Valley, there was no failing this time around except for The Valley Pax whom all decided to stay in the fartsack. It was a cool and windy morning, near pristine conditions for a Fall beatdown.

At 0527, it wasn’t looking promising as YHC pulled into the empty parking lot. Fortunately, a set of headlights appeared in my rearview and @The Farm emerged. That’s good, because the beatdown contained herein would’ve really sucked by myself. Things went a little something like this:

Slow mosey to lot beside trailers. Warmump:

Windmill X10IC
Cotton Picker X10IC
Hamstring stretches, hurdler stretches slowly while waiting to see if any more Pax would show. No dice.
Mericans X10IC

The Thang:

Run to bottom of greenway entrance hill (The Green Mile????), that’s what it felt like near the end anyway… At the bottom of the hill:

10 Mericans, 10 Air Squats, 10 Carolina Dry Docks, and 10 Bobby Hurleys. Run back to the top of The Green Mile for 10 LBC’s, 10 pretzel crunch each side, 10 W’s, and 10 Squirms. REPEATO while adding two reps to each exercise at both the bottom and top of the hill. We ended up doing a total of five trips down/up the hill and finishing at 18 reps of each exercise at the top. Starting on trip three up The Green Mile, we quadraphelia’d half way up the hill. It was such a good idea from @The Farm that we also did it on trips four and five. Lets just say, my quads are feeling it now!

MARY: Reverse Crunch X10IC, Plan Jacks X10IC

Empty Moleskin
Glad you joined me today @ The Farm. It would’ve been mighty lonely in the dark at the bottom of that hill. I may not have made it back up had you not been there.
Enjoyed the 2nd F today. Good luck today on your interview today, brother!

2 thoughts on “Pax Fail

  1. The Farm

    Thanks for the beatdown brother! You definitely made up for not using the hill during your previous Q.

    As much as I hate it, I’m starting to feel stronger every time I run up the hill of shadows.

    Where were the rest of you?!

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