Pre-blast: Tour de Pont Garage

0515 Tour starts at Kohl’s parking lot

AYG to top of Union deck (continue tempo run around top of deck until six arrives), then COP – in cadence

AYG to top of North deck, COP

AYG to top of East deck #1, COP

AYG to top of Cone deck, COP

EXTRA CREDIT: do 40 merkins on the pedastal of the Belk Tower on your way to the Cone deck

AYG to top of South Village deck, COP

AYG to top of West deck, COP

AYG to top of CRI deck, COP

AYG back to Kohl’s lot

We’ll circle up at the top of each deck and knock out some fast-paced downpainments, in cadence … no man left behind … QIC will call an audible if needed to get back by 0615

This will be a good Thunder Road tempo run / cross-training workout … lets see some TR runners challenge the decks