Standing Water

Warm Up

  • Mosey to the track
  • Catch me if you can around the track two laps.  If you’re caught…
    • 1st person caught – 10 merkins
    • 2nd person caught – 10 SSH
    • 3rd person caught – 10 IW
    • 4th person caught – 10 Hillbillys
  • Mosey back to parking lot and pick up a coupon and Deuce on the way

The Thang

Run the square with stations on each corner, and yes, we will sit in the water.

  • Station 1 – Burpees
  • Station 2 – LBC
  • Station 3 – Squat overhead press with coupon (one session of straight leg deadlifts to get loosened up)
  • Station 4 – Merkin

First rotation:  Station 1 & 3 = 10 reps  Station 2 & 4 = 1 rep

Second rotation: Station 1 & 3 = 9 reps  Station 2 & 4 = 2 reps

Continue pattern

Mary #1

Circle up. 1 person completes stated workout with coupon while others are in Mary.  Continue around the circle until everyone has done the workout

  • Rotation 1: Workout: Overhead tricep curl  Mary: LBC
  • Rotation 2: Workout: Curl  Mary: Plank
  • Rotation 3: Workout: Overhead press  Mary: Russian Twist

Return Coupons

Mary #2

  • Rosalita x 20
  • Dolly x 20


  • Nice to have a larger group this week, thanks for coming out.
  • Deuce scared the you know what out of me hanging out by that booth after our warmup.  Thanks for the wake up call Deuce.
  • I poured water out of my shoes when I got home.  Not sure they’ve dried out yet.  Hoping they don’t fill with mold and infect my feet next time I wear them.

1 thought on “Standing Water

  1. Deuce

    Sorry to be late to this one, but @Ichabod I never realized I was such a scary fellow. Good beatdown all around, and I actually enjoyed the wet pavement versus the frying pan we worked out on all summer.

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