Cloudy with a chance of PAIN

10 pax gathered in the damp

10 pax gathered in the wet

10 pax gathered in the SOAKING, FLOODED, glorious gloom of Veteran’s park for a record-breaking painfall. No ark was at hand, but plenty of work was to be had.


The Warmup:

25 x SSH (this helped warm us up)

10 x Wericans (wet mericans)


The Thang:

Partner up, Trade off one partner running down length of the fields, other partner doing two wunge (wet lunge) steps and one werican. All were soaked upon completion. Further soaking ensued with 20 x WBC’s (wet baby crunches) in the downfall and puddles.

Partner wheelbarrow to shelter

20 x double-sided step-ups

20 x dips

Wosey (wet mosey) over to R-ball courts

10 x wall climbs

peoples’ chair with air presses

20 x low slow squats

ball wall crawl around court

over to shelter where PONCHO takes the Q

(the ensuing segment consisted of numerous sets of moseys, dips, incline and decline mericans, ab work, squats and other asst. work while taking a tour of the various shelters at Veteran’s park. Also a nice long run around the fields, interrupted by grown men sliding down a hill like idiots.)

Back to shelter where Capri once again takes the Q role on with a promise of fun for all.

Mosey up to field

A few rounds of “catch me if you can” in the mud, interspersed with mericans.

Back to shelter for




Freddy Mercuries



Stretches led by Chum



Great showing in the nasty weather this morning, men… it ended up being a fun outing!

Props to Poncho on having to wing his virgin 1/2 Q… expect the unexpected!

Best line of the morning, courtesy of Manatee… “Well, it’s cold and windy, but at least it’s raining!”


2 thoughts on “Cloudy with a chance of PAIN

  1. Manatee

    I can’take think of anyone else I would rather share that misery with than you fine fellows. Awesome job by the Q’so to adapt to what mother nature gave us. And Deuce was entertaining as ever!!

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