Seemed like a good idea…

22 Pax joined the Q with a bad plan in the gloom for:

Warm up:

15 x SSH

15 x Merkins

15 x Mountain Climbers


The thang:

Indian run to the track

Stop along the way for 10 burpees

Break in to three groups

G1 – Top of hill burpees

G2 – run to G3

G3 – Squats, run to G1 when G3 arrives

Switch, Repeato x 3


Mosey to bus parking lot

Partner up

Inclined Merkins, Decline Merkins and Partner Throw Downs 10 per x3

Inclined Merkins and 20 Count (thank you Nanny for the audible) LBC x2

Mosey to truck

Push truck up hill

If not pushing, walking lunges



Flutter, Dying Cockroach, Squirm, Pretzel Crunch, Superman


  1. Q’ing isn’t hard you too can make a mess of a perfectly good work out. Sign up to q today!
  2. Thank you to Chopper for letting us push your truck
  3. Truck was much easier to push than I anticipated – need to consider making it harder. Maybe put the PAX in the bed?
  4. Wow – that was quite the “conversation” about who has q’ed when. Gump started quite a debate.
  5. Even with the help of the audio recoding, I feel like I am missing someone… sound off below in the comments

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  1. Wild Turkey

    Off topic question: we had a runner drop out of the Bourbon Chase (a team relay race in Kentucky very similar to the BRR). Anyone interested in a free trip to Kentucky with me for a weekend in a van with a bunch of sweaty guys? I promise it is a blast…

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