Your Basic Rainy Day Beatdown

32 men left the dry comfort of the #FartSack for a meat and potatoes workout in the rain.  YHC broke etiquette and didn’t ask if there were any FNGs.  This clearly proved non-professional status and @Gump confirmed while the disclaimer was given.

19 x SSH
19 x IST
15 x Mountain Climber
13 x Windmill
11 x Merkin

The Thang:

Gather at the end of the bus lot near the middle school…
10 x Squat SC (single count)
10 x Jump Squat SC
10 x Lower Half Squat SC
10 count holding squat

Mosey to the first basketball goal…
10 x LBC IC
Forward run to 2nd bball goal
Lunge to 3rd bball goal
Backward run to 4th bball goal
10 x Low Flutter IC

Mosey to guardrail…
10 x Dips SC
10 x Incline Merkin SC
10 x Derkin SC
5 x Negative Derkin SC

3 lines for Indian run back to MS and repeato…

  • 15 count for all exercises
  • Switched order of run series to backward, lunge, forward
  • 8 count for the negative derkin

Repeato for a round of 20 count

  • No negative derkin

Repeato for a round of 10 count

  • 5 count for negative derkin
  • there seemed to be some concern about a car coming towards the PAX as our feet were on the rail and our heads were in the road

Mosey to center of bus lot for 15 Low Flutter IC

Mosey with @Pavarotti bush jump to MARY:
15 x Pretzel Crunch IC
15 x The W IC

COT and BOM!

The Moleskin:

  • Welcome to Friar Tuck! Hey @Skipper, I think this hair cut Tim Tebow had a few seasons ago should go with the name.  Friar Tuck Haircut
  • Great work on a rainy morning! And speaking of @Skipper. He mentioned that 32 felt more like a #Convergence. @Gump full of wisdom from #FreedToLead rightly discerned it as a #ProblematicWorkout as the F3 manual cautions a PAX that grows too large. But YHC appreciated the PAX’s cooperation and was glad today’s #downPAINment was fairly straightforward (where was @Chowder for some #Chowderization?) and numerically accommodating.
  • Tclaps to @TheNanny for remembering the LBCs on the round of 15 and to @ColMustard for pushing the pace.
  • If you were sporting a little flatulence this morning, then the LBCs were for you. They were long enough to do your business. You gained plausible deny-ability because of the wet pavement’s influence on the small of back among the rest of the PAX. And because we didn’t linger you could move out of the affected area without detection. Who says a rain soaked morning doesn’t have advantages?
  • Rain does create some disadvantages. Especially for those who didn’t have a towel and/or dry shirt. But we learned the @Gump “sit on the flipped floormat” trick. I do some counseling, but since I’m not a licensed professional counselor I will not attempt to comment on whether or not the PAX should or should not be concerned about the whole “prickly side” thing.
  • There are plenty of open spaces to sign up and Q!

Always an honor to lead the PAX!


9 thoughts on “Your Basic Rainy Day Beatdown

  1. Google

    Great lead as always @Alcatraz! Great to see Highland #’s even on a rainy day.

    PAX… Sign up to Q!!!! Don’t make me break out Sally Merkins and Hills Have Eyes 4 next week!

  2. Skipper

    Excellent lead @Alcatraz! Like a true veteran Q, you were unfazed by the surprise convergence-esque pax numbers this morning. Large numbers are a good problem to have and it was fun meeting some new faces in the gloom. Welcome @FriarTuck (fka Ron Sherwood)! Btw, embracing your F3 name is encouraged #Tebowhaircut

  3. Gump

    Aye @Alctraz great beatdown and way to hold the composure given the cast of characters that showed up!

    Why was @chopper so quite this morning?

    Welcome to FNG #FriarTuck and hope to see you out Thursday morning.

    1. Alcatraz Post author

      Agreed @Gump on the quiet @Chopper experience. One would think the moist air would have allowed him extra vocal production! Dry vocal chords = Unhappy @Chopper

      And yes I think we should have a new hashtag – #TheChopperExperience which is loosely defined as “a workout where the #MumbleChatter is so eloquently dominated by @Chopper that ONJ can only assume meth use”.

  4. McFeely

    @Chopper was there? I guess he was missing @Hammer.

    Good Q @Alcatraz!

    I was afraid that when you said let’s go back down to 10, that we were going to have another 20 and 15 sets.

    Most memorable moments: the sound of our backs peeling off the pavement and acting like a sponge, and the chain of Respects called out during the COT, and @Gump’s advice for not messing up your car.

  5. Grinder

    Good lead today @Alcatraz, nice and simple. Surprisingly high turnout given the weather, good job men!

    The LBCs and pretzel crunches proved difficult to focus on given the symphony of pseudofarts.

  6. Hammer

    Good morning Chopper! Hammer

    Sorry I missed this beatdown! Not really with all the flatulence talk. I posted at Tradition! No flatulence there.

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