Boyz to Men

10 Men woke up and decided the rain wouldn’t stop them from joining YHC for a beat down.
The rain was falling and 2 PAX were just pulling in as the activities started.

5 Burpees

Mosey to Preschool

SSH x 20
Windmill x 15
(5 minute mark, 5 burpees)
Mountain Climber x 15

Mosey to Davis Lake Shopping Center

Partner Up
Partner 1 runs a Lap/Partner 2 Muscle Ups – 40 total Muscle ups per pair (5 minute mark, 5 burpees)
Partner 1 runs a Lap/Partner 2 Peoples Chair with Air Press – 300 total Air Presses per pair (5 minute mark, 5 burpees) (5 minute mark, 5 burpees)

Lunge Walk
Sideways Squat Walk (5 minute mark, 5 burpees)

Partner 1 runs a Lap/Partner 2 Mericans – 150 total Mericans per pair (5 minute mark, 5 burpees)

Mosey back to to Clubhouse (5 minute mark, 5 burpees)

(5 minute mark, 5 burpees)
Mason Twist x 15
Squirm x 14
(5 minute mark, 5 burpees)


  1. Nice numbers for a rainy Tuesday morning.  Good to see the visitors in DL.  Come back any time and ask @TheFarm to get you on the Q schedule.
  2. Not only did @KingJulian and I have on matching shirts, we also did a little rendition of “Meet me at the Crossroads” during the mosey today.  Hence, the BB name.
  3. Good to see @Piston is still coming out and doing what he can with the broken wing.  If that doesn’t motivate you, check your pulse.
  4. Well I thought I got out of Qing for a while, but looks like @TheFarm signed me up for some in October.  I guess I should say “Thanks”….
  5. Rookie mistake for Goose wearing the white cotton shirt for a rainy beatdown….  He then tried to sell the PAX on creating a Davis Lake Calendar with Pictures of the PAX to sell….

7 thoughts on “Boyz to Men

  1. The Farm

    Great beatdown this morning. The rain makes it more fun for some reason for me. I’m sure all don’t agree.

    I would like to point out that @Schultz definitely did some sandbagging this morning. #doasisaynotasido = clipboarding?

    Several of the pax minds were in the gutter this am. Shame on you all. #iwasnotoneofthem

    WB @Bottom Dweller. Keep posting and getting stronger.

  2. EtCh-A-SkEtCh

    @schultz what is the boys to men and crossroads reference? I think you’re thinking of bone thugs n harmony.

    Looked like a solid works @thefarm calling out the Q. #whathappensatworkoutstays

  3. Blackbeard

    Every time Team Isotope (Amoeba and YHC) reached the partner total of a particular exercise, the Q would increase the requirement. #JustSaying

    Props to TheFarm for keeping me honest on the burpees when we could have pretended not to hear the call as we rounded the building for our lap. It was either a fine example of #ISI or he was worried I was going to lap him and wanted to slow me down.

    Good work today. I need to get over here more often considering it’s the 2nd closest AO to my house.

    1. The Farm

      That’s funny. YHC and @King Julian noticed the same thing. I think the Q underestimated how strong the pax are!

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