Dolphin kicking, Homer to Mars, voice cracking beatdown!

8 pax descended upon the wet Davis Lake parking lot to beat each other down during another people’s Q. It went like this:

King Julian:

Mosey around the clubhouse to the playground.

SSH x 15 IC
IST x 15 IC
MC X 15 IC
Burpees x 5 OYO
Windmills (I think) x 15 (I think) IC
Mericans x 15 IC
Dips x 20 OYO

Mosey to outside of fence
Inclined Mericans x 10 IC
Derkins x 10 IC


Grab a rock and perform the following until Goose’s voice cracks:

Goblet Squats x 10 IC
Shoulder Press x 10 IC
Curls x 10 IC
I forget what else but we repeated twice. The pax threw in a few other things like half curls, shoulder presses, offset mericans, etc. We also rotated spots after @King Julian called YHC out for having a small rock even though his was the same size. Payback is coming for the pax in 3,2,1…

The Farm:

Mosey back to playground

5 burpees
LBC x 10 IC
5 burpees
Reverse crunch x 10 IC
5 burpees
Left side pretzel crunch x 10 IC
5 burpees
Right side pretzel crunch x 10 IC
5 burpees
The Arnold x 10 IC
5 burpees

Note here – we should’ve gotten through way more exercises but the pax would pretend to not hear the first recover and were slooooooow to get up during the second recover.

Amoeba, Rehab, Jordache, etc:

Mosey to tennis courts

Lunges to end of second line and back.
Suicides on the tennis courts from the first to the fourth line
Crab walk suicides to the second line
One-legged squats then flapjack
Bear crawl suicides to first then second line.

Mosey around the courts

At this point it gets fuzzy but I remember shuffling down and back, plank walking down and back, Indian runs around several times including an Indian run with back man doing 3 mericans before running to the front, jack Webbs from 5 to 1 then back to 5, and lots of funny things @Goose said while Q’ing Mary (thanks brother!).


Although I would prefer to have all Q spots for the month filled, I am starting to enjoy these Saturday People’s Qs. Gives guys a chance to do a mini Q before Q’ing a full bootcamp.

@Goose, thanks for signing up to Q! Let me know if you need help planning it. I hope you include lots of “Homer to Mars.” Who else is ready to Q? Voluntelling with commence tomorrow if spots aren’t filled. @Goose is the only man that’s stepped up for October!


HC for the Beatdown Chowdown on 10/10 by commenting on the preblast.

Davis Lake men, sign up to Q by midnight tonight if you don’t want to be voluntold!

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