A bunch of guys got wet jumping the plank at the Vet

5 PAX posted in the WET instead of their Dry Fartsacks. 5 PAX “enjoyed” the elements at this first WET VET


  • SSH
  • IW
  • Merkins x10 OYO
  • Hold Plank
  • Merkins X10 OYO
  • Indian Run to the 4-wide Tennis Courts for Jumping The Planks

(Since the both Soccer Fields are closed, YHC had to audible to a different location)

Jumping the Planks

  • All Pax take plank side by side in a row with enough space to stand and land
  • Pax at end jumps over each PAX in plank (standing jumps)
  • When the jumper jumps the last plank, he goes to plank
  • repeato from the back (think indian run) till the prescribed distance is complete
  • prescribed distance = all four tennis courts
  • Run 2 laps at your own pace
  • repeato Jumping the planks back to the start
  • Run 1 lap
  • Mosey to Wall Ball Court

Wall Ball Court Medley

  • People’s Chair w/air presses x20, then hold chair while runner laps the courts, then repeato with x40 presses, then x60 presses
  • Balls to the Wall Press Ladder (2, 4, 6, F), w/lap runner between each set
  • Donkey Kicks Pyramid (x10, 15, 20, 15, 20), w/lap runner between each set
  • Mosey to Pork Chop Hill

Pork Chop Hill

  • Broken burpees for 11s
    • Bottom of Hill = Merkin x1, Top of the Hill = thrust & Jump x10
    • Reverse gear up hill, run/walk down hill
    • Repeat Sets working to 10 at bottom and 1 at top

(All PAX on the 6 in the grass, the wet grass)

  • LBC x20IC
  • Freddie Mercury x20IC
  • Louganis x10IC



YHC and 2.0 rolled up and hunted a place to plant the SF. We settled on a spot near one picnic shelter. It was the last shelter from the rain for the rest of the hour.

Disclaimer given, and it was time to mosey into this Qs first Wet Weinke. But the precipitation wasn’t enough to keep him from getting smoked anyway. Glory to God must be given because once again He has allowed the weak to lead those strong(er) than he.

  • TCLAPS to Chicken Fried for posting regardless of a new infant and a lot less sleep.
  • TCLAPS to Poncho for shaming his brother Chicken Fired Fried into posting again.
  • Major TCLAPS to Blue Crush for crushing it again despite the nagging shoulder problems. Dude is a beast
  • TCLAPS to Spark Plug for another strong(er) post

Everyone has their own life to live. This F3 is meant to enrich our lives, not take them over. So thank you for enriching my life and making it strong(er) after each post.

Thanks again gentlemen for letting me lead you yet again.

Don’t forget to post for next week’s Convergence with Olympus!


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