Speed over Sleep

The Pax were 4 strong for a return to Speed, without the BRR underlying motives.

The Thang:

Mosey from HCES, right, up the parkway to Bells Mill and then into the Christianbury park parking lot.

The new Pavarotti favorite AO included the following

Using the parking lot circle: Sprint half, mosey half. backward run half, mosey half. kareoke left half, mosey half. kareoke right half, mosey half. Skip half, mosey half. defensive slides left half, mosey half. defensive slides right half, mosey half. sprint full circle.

recover. Then rinse and repeat all but… 5 airsquats each time at 1/3 mark of the circle, then finish the exercise until 2/3rds, last 1/3 mosey back to start. This was non-stop.

sprint half, mosey half. Sprint full cirlce. sprint half, mosey half.

Mosey back to HCES

The Moleskin:

1. Honestly, it was raining and cool this morning and I wasn’t going out there if I didn’t have Q responsibilities. Then I thought that no Pax may show, but had to go check. Saw Pav running down the Parkway and knew there was no turning back. Hindsight, glad we did it and thanks to BOS, Pav, and Derby for overcoming the warm fartsack for the cool, wet run.

2. FIA embarassed us in participation count at HCES this morning. Grant it, they stayed under the portico, but they were 10+ strong. Then they asked us to take a picture of their group to rub it in. C’mon guys. Speed is fun. Show up.

3. Combine cone drills will be returning when the ground is dry and we start hitting 6+ pax. Get ready!


2 thoughts on “Speed over Sleep

  1. Pavarotti

    Great stuff, Stoli. It was exactly what I needed. Thanks for getting out of the sack and leading. #ironsharpensiron

    Way to work, Derby and BOS. Small numbers, but good results.

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