Virgin Bootcamp Q=A workout for The Farm!

10 Pax ventured out this morning to experience something new…a Coyote bootcamp Q! Now, F3 has been great for me in many ways but one of the main ways is that it has turned me into, God help me, a runner of sorts. So at my virgin bootcamp Q today, why not run a bunch??

Here is it folks:


Mosey to the not so haunted daycare



10 Windmills

Mosey back to the church and over to the picnic tables (At this point, @TheFarm started throwing out some “Why’s” about what we were doing and it became clear to him that it was all for his benefit to get him ripped!)

Find a spot on a bench and partner up for some partner dips (for @TheFarm’s triceps and shoulders)

P1 puts his feet on P2’s back while he is planking. P1 completes 15 dips, then flapjack.

Repeato 2x

Mosey over to the edge of the parking lot by the playground for some more partner work

P1 runs from playground to the dumpster and back while P2 waits on him by doing Shoulder Tap Merkins (complete a merkin then touch your opposite shoulder with your opposite hand, with both hands and that’s 1). Flapjack. (This was for @TheFarm’s chest, shoulders, core, and triceps)


Mosey to Prosperity church road, but stop first for some random Mary

30 LBC’s IC (For @TheFarm’s 6-pack…I told him that he needed to take a selfie once he sees those abs pop through after the workout….he didn’t seem to think a 30+ year old guy should be taking a selfie and thinking about it now I think he is right)

Mosey over to the big ol wall

People’s Chair with Air presses IC*15 (For @TheFarm’s quads, core, and shoulders)

Mosey over to the haunted daycare for some more partner work

P1 starts on one end of the parking lot and completes 5 burpees, runs to the other end of the parking lot and completes 15 squats. Once he is done, he switches places with P2 who has been doing quadraphelia up and down the hill the whole time. (For @TheFarm’s shoulders, core, chest, quads, hammies, glutes, etc.)


Back to the wall to give our people’s chair some symmetry (for @TheFarm’s OCD).

People’s chair with Air Presses IC*15

Mosey back over to the other side of the street for some Indian run back to the far corner of the church

Last partner work of the day

P1 runs to the dumpster while P2 stays and does mountain climbers until P1 reaches the dumpster. P1 then calls out for his buddy to start running and then starts doing mountain climbers himself. Once P2 reaches P1, repeato, only this time its from the dumpster to the playground.

One final mosey around the hill where we circled up for an exercise that had no other point other than to try and throw off @TheFarm’s OCD.


Back to the flag for some Mary

Double Pretzel Crunch IC*15 then flapjack



The Moleskin:

-Definitely an honor to be able to lead my first bootcamp Q. I enjoyed the hell out of it and hope everyone else did too!

-@TheFarm, let me know if you actually took that selfie or not…#hedefinitelydid

-If we don’t get some young blood back out to Tradition, we are going to be overrun by #Respects! Strong showing by you guys today!

-Beatdown Chowdown October 10th! There is a pre-blast about it and if you would like to go, please try and HC on the pre-blast so we can get an estimate on a headcount for food.

-Hope that our brother @Dingo and our Laker brother @Piston get healed up soon so we can see their pretty fac….or um….um….just faces soon!

See you in the gloom



5 thoughts on “Virgin Bootcamp Q=A workout for The Farm!

  1. The Farm

    Good beatdown. I think the real reason for all the running is you thought it would stop the mumblechatter. It didn’t!

    Also I looked after the workout and got a nice muscle pump from the workout. I did NOT take a selfie. #teamnoselfie

    Felt great being at the Tradition AO for a bootcamp. It’s been a while. Good job Coyote!

  2. Gazebo

    Great Lead Coyote, if you were trying to make sure we couldn’t catch our breath you succeeded-at least for me!!

  3. Maximus_MECA

    Great Virgin Bootcamp Q @coyote. Had us moving. My favorite part was the quadraphelia! Wow – that word sounded impressive. I like the sound of it – even better it worked my quads which need work and they are sore now. Good job.

  4. BlindDate

    Great job @Coyote! Since I couldn’t make yesterday’s cruise, I appreciated the extra running involved in today’s workout to make up for some of it.

    @Gazebo – thank you for teaming up. Strong work out there today.

  5. RibShack

    So…..basically today was a brofest of Coyote & Farm proportions & the rest of us were just there to witness it!

    @Coyote- good stuff sir, Farm(ing) not withstanding.

    @Dutch- thanks for partnering up!

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