The Bermuda Rectangle

First day of autumn, the passing away of the famous Yogi Bear (as reported by the AP), and a Mint Hill workout led by neither Capri or Chum . . . bound to be an interesting start to the day.


Warmup run around the bizarre painted track in the closest parking lot in a large series of connected but divided parking lots surrounding the front of the school.   Backwards, Forwards, Left, Right, Upside Down (warm it up Kris, yo I’m about to).


  • SSH IC
  • LSS IC
  • IW IC
  • Merkin IC

Mosey to the much-larger-than-I-remembered (0.35 miles around) track around the field with the outhouse in the middle.

Bermuda Triangle-ish Concept :

  • 10 burpees at top of large hill
  • 15 LBCs midway down long side
  • 20 jump squats at the end
  • 15 derkins on the picnic table midway down other long side
  • back up to the hill for 10 more burpees
  • repeat until time called
  • Lead group take hot lap to round up all stragglers – finish a few exercises with them
  • Lead group did 5 laps, others did +- 4 laps

Mosey up to parking lot

  • Lounge, Lung, Lunge Walk to 1st Basketball Goal
  • Bear Crawl to 2nd Basketball Goal
  • Reverse L Walk to 3rd Basketball Goal
  • Reverse Bear Crawl to 4th Basketball Goal (crowd goes wild)

Peoples Chair

Q Jack by Drop Thrill for bizarre and uncomfortable squat thing that got him kicked out of Disney Theme Park last week.

  • Peoples Chair
  • 20 Donkey Kicks
  • 10 Burpees
  • Headrush
  • Peoples Chair
  • 20 Donkey Kicks
  • 5 Burpees

Mosey to 2nd parking lot next to the 1st parking lot where the cars are.  Stare at janitor in large truck who keeps circling us.

6MOM w/ LBC, Flutter, Freddie Mercury, all IC



The Bermuda Triangle, created by Purple Haze, was given high accolades from the venerable Chelms during one of our lucid discussions in the BRR van.  He told me that it was a smoker of a workout that allowed the fast guys who want to move it move it to do just that, while keeping everyone in the same general vicinity.  Haze told me that the hill climb, followed by the 10 burpees, would “dominate me”.  With this much hype, from two such distinguished gentlemen, I had to try it.  However, since the track was so long we added in another pain station to make it more of a Bermuda rectangle/diamond shaped thing.  #closeenough

Drop Thrill was apparantly put off with the uncomfortably high temperatures during his 17th trip to Disney World this year and let us know about it a few times.  #champagneproblems.  When he left, he killed three prized beef cattle in the adjacent field with fumes from his #cheater Punch Buggy.

GJ and EE led the way on the track loops, as I chased them from a couple of steps behind.  20 burpees each trip for EE would have been about right.  Glad you boyz got a hall pass this AM.

Chum and Capri were on cruise control, enjoying the ride and #notQing for a change.  Mint Hill and MECA boys – step up and help these guys out – they are leading several times each week.  You’ve seen the before and after presidential photos . . . well Chum already looked like the after photo before this thing started and there’s not a lot of room if you know what I mean.

Good to see Ten Key and Ponch sticking with it.  It will get cold soon, per our conversation.  Misery loves company, so keep posting with the pax and you’ll come out on the other side of winter stronger and faster.


HH Out








8 thoughts on “The Bermuda Rectangle

  1. Horsehead Post author

    Thought this was the perfect backblast, but then I realized it didn’t say anything bout Mama, or trains, or trucks, or prison, or gettin drunk. Chime in with any 2nd verse material.

  2. Glass Joe

    I was really hoping round #3 was the end. It wasn’t. Round 4 sucked. All I’m going to say about that.

    DTs Q-Jack and mention of working butt muscles by squeezing them together as you stand was the most awkward thing I can remember since I got quasi-violated by HH at FastTwitch that one time.

    At one point, Capri said that he called his Sister-In-Law to help him with his Fantasy Football draft. Dude….just..dude. I told him to never mention that again. Ever. Never ever. Dude.

  3. Glass Joe

    Wait! Is it Ponch or Poncho? Heck, does it even matter at this point. Might have to rename just because he’s okay with both.

  4. Chum

    Excellent Q HH. Not sure if I should be offended or not, but hey thanks any for the triangle that’s not a triangle.

  5. Double E

    Great Q HH! I think HH violating others manhoods is a common theme. I remember one time Q’ing a strong group @ Outland to 50 x SSH and at #45, I got Whip-N-Nae-Naed by HH with some bear hug back up the bus twerk that still causes nightmares. I find myself curled up in the fetal position in my closet trying to find my happy place. Wow. Anyway, DT’s SixFlexSquats were not far behind either. I make a motion that unless injury or illness takes the Q out, all #spontaneous Q-Jacks need a vote only after disclosing the next exercise. I am not sure what was more uncomfortable, the tight butt squats or the PAX Grunting all the way around, or the pleasured look HH had on his face the entire time it was happening #ihadtorunawayfast. But it was great seeing the Bain Pain Crew again after 2 months away with the 2.0’s school schedule. This is a Great Group of men and I would encourage everyone to step up and Q, even if for only 10 to 15 minutes. You will be surprised how much more you can do when you Q #miggidymac

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