Old School Stoners

9 Stoners got our of the Fartsack to join YHC on a trip back in time.  That’s right, since ‘modifying our AO’ (thanks Jerry) we’ve not had a proper track workout…….until today!  It went something like this:


Mosey to the HRMS track with a nostalgic pause for 20 SSHs under the light in the bus lot. (nostalgic, not romantic).


SSH x 10

1 Burpee OYO

IST x 10

2 Burpees OYO

Cotton Pickers x 10

3 Burpees OYO

Prisoner Squats x 10

4 Burpees OYO

Lunges x 10

5 Burpees OYO

Tempo Merkins x 10

Mosey to fence and partner up for Suicide Merkins on the chain link fence (try not to injure your partner – sorry @Three) 5,10,15 20 reps.

Count off by 3 for 50 yd sprint relays x 5.

Mosey to sidelines for across the field circuit:

10 Bunny hops

10 Google butt lunges

10 Plank walk right

10 Plank walk left

Bear crawl to finish

Repeato back to the other side


Line up for indian run/4 corners

Corner 1 – Shoulder tap Merkins x 10

Corner 2 – Imperial Squat Walkers x 10

Corner 3 – Cackalacky Choo Choo

Corner 4 – Peoples chair with ‘it’s only air’ presses, can-cans and squats


Traveling May – mosey back to OES with Mary breaks (trying not to get ‘hit by a bus’)

LBCs x 20

Pretzel Crunch x 10 ea

Homer to Marge

Mason twists x 20

People’s Mary

Squirm – Whatley

Reverse Crunch – Sparknut

Peek a boo – Hula


– It’s been awhile since I’ve had the Q.  Thanks for for following my lead!

– Sparknut – Please, no more romance.  I mean, we love you bro but not in that way.

– FNG Jason, nice to have you out!  I think we’ve found someone to give Gungho a ‘run’ for his money!  Pretty sure I was that fast when I was 19 – just sayin.

– Fratelli and Three – It’s great to see you guys out there pushing hard!  (make sure you take care of the ankle, Three)


Mud Run sign up has been extended to 10-3-15.  It’s not as tough as you think – it’s a ton of fun!

Support BOS and Heartland Ministries – details Here

Remember Sparknut needs help helping others – Sparknut please sound-off below with details

If you’re not on the F3 MECA daily email and want to be – sound off below and I’ll get you signed up!

Anybody interested in running???  Lawdawg and I will be heading out on an impromptu Rolling Stone Cruise tomorrow morning.  Same Bat time, Same Bat place!  (Odell, 530am)

5 thoughts on “Old School Stoners

  1. Sparknut

    Thanks Sugar! It was nice to be out on the track again. There are some strange things that happen out there in the gloom – romance, monkey humpers… just sayin’.

    Free Oil Changes and Car Washes for widows and single moms Saturday Oct. 10 at Christian Brothers Automotive. Our goal is glorify God by loving our neighbor, so we want to offer a little love to some who need it the most in 2.5 weeks. Men, this is a great blessing to these women and you’ll be blessed in serving. We need volunteers to wash cars, cook… I would really appreciate your help to make this happen for these ladies. We’d like to have enough volunteers to schedule two shifts. If there are any ladies you know would benefit from this service, please have them contact me. All services will be done by appointment only. Please contact me for details 704-526-7792.

    Thanks, Sparknut

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