F*** Sally!

14 of SkyWalkers finest inlcluding 1 FNG  made the best decision they will make all day and laced them up for a GooGled powered beatdown.


Mosey to the next parking lot

25 X SSH

15 X Imperial Squat Walkers

15 x Windmills

15 x IST

The Thang:

Q plays the song “Flower” by Moby (Thanks for the patience as I struggled with my bluetooth speaker). Start with your chest on the ground, and enjoy it because your chest shouldn’t touch the ground again until the song is over. When the song says “Bring Sally Up” the Pax will be in the ‘Merican up position, and “Bring Sally Down” the Pax will be in the ‘Merican down position. Pax will hold the down position until the next rep. It’s only 31 little reps in 3:30. Scale this workout to your fitness level: If you are fatigued, modify the ‘mericans by either doing chest to ground at the bottom, or take no shame and use your knees. Here’s a tip to complete it, position hands between shoulders and chest and close to the body, much less stress on the shoulders.

Mosey down street to the soccer fields

4- Corner Escalator – Sprint to each corner of the field with the below exercises performed at each corner.

First corner = 10 X WW2 sit ups

Second corner = 10 X WW2 sit ups, 20 x Squats.

Third corner = 10 x WW2 sit ups, 20 x Squats, 30 Merkins

Fourth Corner = 10 x WW2 situps, 20 x Squats, 30 Merkins, 40 Lunges.

Line up at sideline. Count off by 2’s and get ready for Crab VS Crab Soccer!

Each team has a goalie who must remain in plank during the game. Side plank only to stop ball.

Soccer ball is placed in the middle of the field and the team start at their own goal and race to the ball. First team to score a goal wins. ( We had to audible to Crawl Bear in order to actually score since the PAX were a little smoked racing to the ball!)  Congrats to @Grinder for scoring the winning goal.

To celebrate the victory the entire PAX was awarded with another Four Corner Escalator!

Mosey to Street.

GBS (Google Bun Shapers) up hill until you reach the fire hydrant.

Sprint the hill to parking lot for Mary.


15 x W (Thanks @Col Mustard)

15 x Reverse Crunch (Thanks to @Col Mustard for the lesson on proper form)

15 x Pretzel Crunch

5 x Burpee


Support BOS and Heartline Ministries

  • Support BOS as he raises funds for a good cause at the Thunder Rd. Marathon. The top AO that exceeds $250 picks his outfit for the race. Read about it here.

Marathon Training

  • Tradition has two run options on Saturday, 6mi and 8mi: Both leaving from the Stonebridge church at 6am.

Mud Run Registration

  • It’s not too late to sign up for the Mud Run. Late registration ends October 3rd. Sign up here.

Upcoming Special Workouts

  • Mark your calendars for some upcoming special workouts (with free breakfasts!):
    • 9/19: 6:30AM Workout at the Billy Graham Library followed by breakfast and talk by the Benham Brothers. The Benham Brothers will be picking up the tab for breakfast for anyone from F3 who wants to attend post workout. Email Postfontaine ( mailto:cmcgoogan10@gmail.com ) to RSVP. Read more about it here.
    • 10/10: Tradition beat down chow down. Dredd/OBT will be in attendance and there will be a free breakfast following the workout. You can read more about it here. Be sure to HC so they can get a headcount.


Always honored to lead such a great group of men! Great push by the entire PAX today. I was very impressed by the increase in fitness levels by everyone @Skywalker. The PAX that have been here from the start of the AO have made significant gains. Keep it up!

Welcome to FNG @Meter Maid. Nice try to attempt a self naming. Takes balls, however the PAX would not let that slide.

Congrats to @Precious(formerly known as @herbacide) on the rename. I think you dodged a huge bullet by letting @Grinder know your wife requested a rename. IMO the rename could have been much worse. Word has it, in the past, that any rename request from a wife of a PAX member will result in said PAX member to be renamed his wife’s name!

Please remember to keep Baby Emily in your prayers.

Make it a great day men!






3 thoughts on “F*** Sally!

  1. Sugar

    @Google, that looks like an awesome workout! Leading with Flower, the four corners thing AND crab soccer!! Very impressive, sorry I missed it. And of course, who doesn’t like a good old fashioned re-naming! x2 at that! Welcome @Meter Maid and a re-welcome to @Precious!!

  2. Elm Street

    @Google, Great job. Running back up Hillspring was so much more fun with 10 pounds of wet clothing and grass clippings! Still smiling.

  3. Grinder

    Good stuff today @Google. I think sally will be in all of our nightmares tonight, in a good way. Your tip about arm position helped out alot but that was still tough!

    Not sure if they agree (they don’t), but I love the new names. Name input from the M always makes things a bit more interesting.

    Additional workout days coming to Skywalker, stay tuned for details…

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