Modified Vern (II)

10 Lakers braved the fartsack for the 2nd running of the Modified Vern, including newly named “BlueBird”


SSH x 15

.75 Mile run

10 Carolina Dry Docks (No pull up bars at AO)
200 yard run
20 Dips
200 yard run
25 ‘Mericans
200 yard run
30 Little Baby Crunch
200 yard run

Repeat (Goal is 5 sets)

.75 Mile Run


Mason Twist
The “W”
Low Dolly
Pretzel Crunch

Circle Merc


Sweaty Moleskin

  1. Nice work to all.  No one quit and everyone kept moving.
  2. Everyone should have finished with around 3 miles today.  That is a great way to start off your morning.
  3. I hear there might be a Jug-a-lug beatdown soon, keep posting to find out what it entails.
  4. Continue prayers for BlueBird’s Mother and his family

4 thoughts on “Modified Vern (II)

  1. The Farm

    Good job @Schultz! I’d never done this before! I even heard @Preamble say this was his favorite workout. If you liked this WIB, you need to try some others…or maybe we’ll bring some here…

  2. bluebird

    I don’t think my legs have ever hurt this bad but I will be back for more tomorrow! Thanks for making me feel welcome guys!

    1. The Farm

      Good job Bluebird! And interestingly enough, the best cure for the soreness is to keep working out. The soreness will eventually go away. Your body will get used to it. See you tomorrow at 7am!

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