11 Men stumbled out of bed this morning and were woken up by the 52 degree temperatures as soon as they stepped outside. There were plenty of BRR stories being shared as the race was recapped. Somehow, the PAX got quiet/grumbly when I announced we were doing Suicides. But, fear not, these are Cruise Suicides, not Speed Suicides.

The Thang

  1. Run to entrance of school and turn left (yes, there are roads to the left of HCES)
  2. Run to Shelly and back to entrance of school
  3. Run to Skyline and back to entrance of school
  4. Run to Fairway Point and back to entrance of school
  5. Run to Fairvista and back to entrance of school
  6. Run to Beauvista and back to entrance of school

Finish each progressively longer out-and-back and you’ve logged 5.5 miles.


  • Good to see Winnebago back out at a cruise
  • Thorn must have caught the running bug. After driving guys all over the Blueridge Parkway last weekend, he showed up to run. Strong showing….and looking forward to BRR 2016 already.
  • Between BRR and then Thunder Road coming up, the Cruise numbers are staying fairly consistent. Cooler temps are coming, which means we’ll soon be hearing, “Keep running in the cold weather and it will make spring running so much easier.”

3 thoughts on “CruiseSuicides

  1. Frodo Post author

    Always fun to lead the Cruise. Hopefully everyone was okay with the lack of hills this week and was able to use this as a good recovery run coming off BRR…or just a chance to enjoy some new scenery in HC.

  2. Winnebago

    For lack of hills I sure came across some hills. The suicide aspect made it a lot tougher mentally for me knowing I had to keep doing what I just did amd didn’t like it the firstor second or third time. Good crowd. Nighthawk awesome job you were relentless.

    I should have hung with the Nanny Shazam and others probably would have been more enjoyable and less lonely for sure.

  3. Shazam

    This was tough… as @Winnebago said, passing the same locations (and my car) each time made for a bit of a grind. Luckily some solid #2ndF helped with @Nighthawk, @Nanny and @Bling offering up some distractions.

    Thanks for the lead @Frodo… one of these days I’ll get back to non-running workouts as well.

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