no breaks

5 men started. 6 finished. All pushed themselves to the limit.
Here’s what went down:

5 OYO 2-handed Swings
15-IC Merkins
5 OYO 2-handed Swings
10-IC Windmills
5 OYO 2-handed Swings
5 OYO 2-handed Swings
5 Squats
5 OYO Jump Squats

Main Thang:
Partner up: one always swinging (2 handed, then one-alternating, then 2 etc). Keep count of total swings. Other partner does following, flapjack between each:
Viking Salute 10-Right,
Viking Salute 10-Left,
Merkin R hand on bell-10,
Merkin L hand on bell-10,
Turkish Get Up 3-Right,
Turkish Get Up 3-Left,
Romanian Deadlift 5-Right,
Romanian Deadlift 5-Left,
Halo – 10 clockwise,
Halo – 10 counterclockwise,
Repeat until 6:05, then STOP

On your 6 for Mary:
Flutter press – 20IC,
Protractor with bell at same angle – each Pax calls angle and 10-count hold,
LBC – 25IC,
Dolly press – 20IC

It was great to welcome two new PAX to the site: Freedom and Rolling Stone (only his 2nd ever F3 post).

One goal YHC had was to go non-stop from the first SSH to the last Dolly Press, and we pretty much met that goal. One partner pair tallied 600 swings, the other two didn’t know (YHC included), but estimated about the same. That’s impressive.

Another goal was to work on the core (VS, TGU, Halo). Think we can check that box.

Last goal was to observe the date. YHC called for a moment of silence at the end, and read off some of the statistics from 9/11/2011. more here:
There is no way to really capture that morning in just a few minutes at the end of a workout, but I hope that with the silence, reading and the excellent takeout by Freedom, we renewed our memory and recommitted to never letting the sands of time bury that day.

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  1. Freedom

    Thx to SwissMiss for a slow, painful roll out of the FS this am. Great WO yesterday and a great group of men. I’ll be back.

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