The Gloom Got Rocked

23 of MECA’s finest escaped the clutches of the FartSack and gathered in the gloom.  And by gloom, we are talking about 70 degrees, 94% humidity and really dark.  As a first timer to Skywalker, YHC was hoping there were lights near the court, but alas disappointment was just down the hill.  First plant of the new Skywalker shovel flag (nice work @Grinder), FNGs welcomed, disclaimer given and we were off!

The PAX began to mosey towards Central Park.  Stopped on the hill before exiting the parking lot for SSH x 17 IC.  Mosey continued to the basketball court.  However, YHC was slightly concerned about running down the grassy knoll in utter darkness.  Bad things happen on and around grassy knolls – see November 22, 1963, Dallas, TX  and beware the mystery gunman.  #ConspiracyTheory


  • IST x 17 IC
  • Windmill x 15 IC
  • Mountain Climber x 15 IC
  • Merkin x 10 IC


  • Find a partner and then go find a rock. Partner 1 runs two laps around basketball court while partner 2 starts sequence of the following exercise with rock.  Switch and repeat to complete reps.
    • 100 lunges with overhead press
    • Romanian deadlift – 1 minute OYO
    • 100 merkins with one hand on rock switching hand on every multiple of 10
    • LBCs – 1 minute OYO
    • 150 squats with curls
    • Calf Raises – 1 minute OYO
    • 200 bent over rows
      • Heisman with rock when done after each exercise

Rocks were replaced EXACTLY where they came from according to the homeowners’ association guidelines.  Tclaps to @Google for the friendly reminder to not scar up the court during the above exercises.

In addition to the AO being very dark, YHC also found the hill from the park to the parking lot much more difficult on foot than during the daytime drive by scouting.  Therefore, the PAX partook in a little MOSEYMARY to keep everyone together.

  • Stopped at the first street light for Low Flutter x 17 IC
  • Stopped at the second street light for The Squirm x 15 IC

Moseyed on back to the parking lot for MARY:

  • Low Dolly x 17 IC
  • Pretzel Crunch x 15 IC
  • Reverse Crunch x 15 IC
  • The W x 15 IC
  • Plank Jack x 15 IC

COT and sweaty (see 94% humidity above), locked shields version of BOM


  1. Welcome FNGs!  Keep posting and you will get stronger.  If you EHed one of these men, forward the email and backblast to them so they click the link and start receiving emails and read about the various and sundry downPAINments in the gloom.
  2. Remember your brothers in prayer whether it be travel, family situations or just the daily grind of leading our homes, workplaces and communities.  F3 only designates the 1st F to fitness and we were created much more than that.  You are #FreedToLead!
  3. Not sure who said they were seeing stars only to realize it was actually massive flaming balls of gas in a galaxy far, far away.  Speaking of flaming balls of gas, welcome @Sparky (formerly FNG George).  Not sure if you have ever ignited one of your “sparkles”, but please keep any pyromania and your sparkles at home.  And feel free to call your bed the SparkleSack.
  4. Tclaps to @Google for suggesting to change the direction of the laps to go NASCAR style.  You are always keeping us ergonomically correct.
  5. YHC was disappointed we didn’t get in the number of reps as advertised.  The count was supposed to be 150, 200, 250, 300 for the partner exercises.  With the 3 minutes of on your own rock work, we would have reached 1000 reps.  If you feel cheated, go find a rock.
  6. Please do not be offended if you are not recognized out and about this week.  It was really dark and would be difficult to pick any of you out of a lineup.  Not that any of the PAX should be in a lineup.

Always an honor to lead the PAX!


4 thoughts on “The Gloom Got Rocked

  1. Alcatraz Post author

    Please correct any names as the backblast might have someone listed as an FNG who no longer holds that title.

  2. Grinder

    Definitely enjoyed it this morning @Alcatraz. As soon as you said we were doing 900 reps, I knew my rock was too big.

    Welcome FNGs, great to see you guys out there this morning, stick with it and we will see you Friday! You won’t regret it!

  3. Google

    Great lead as always @Alcatraz. You are my Hero.

    @Genie.. Great to partner with you. Your spirit is contagious.

    @Grinder.. Nothing like the smell of a freshly painted shovel flag. Great Job.

    @PAX.. Solid #’s.. Great to see all the FNG’s. Keep it up!

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