Cinderblock S.L.A.M

9 of  Traditions finest turned up with an Iron Fist workout in mind. Hopefully YHC was able to meet expectations with and a PAX favorite – the Cinderblock SLAM. 4 corners of pain with a incline /decline ladder.


Dutch Mosey to back pkg lot – Circle up for:

SSH, IST, MC, Supermans,Merkins- arm circles – then  to the outback for the SLAM ( Shoulders, Legs, Arms, Mid section)

4 Corners with a 5-10-15-10- 5 ladder – all slow count for full pain full effect.

C1- CDD’s then rack CB to

C2- for Sumo Squats then farmer carry CB to

C3 – for Shoulder presses then rack CB to

C4 – for Extended leg LBC’s

Repeato 10 reps, then 15

Break for a 1-5 Pull up/ Merkin ladder

Then back to the CB’s for 10 reps, then 5 reps.

Little time left over so we  couldn’t put our CB’s back just yet –

CB Merkins, Curls, High pulls, and Tricep extensions – 10 reps , 8 reps

Back for some quick MARY

Low Flutter, W, and LBC’s



Great work by all and I hope you enjoyed the slow count this morning… making sure we focus on form over fast this morning. No Jelly Lubing in this group of chiseled men!