Rolling Stone 1 Year Anniversary

17 Stoners arrived in the gloom to celebrate a year of Rolling stone with YHQ at the helm for some stone-rolling, tire-flipping, car pushing, cinder block carrying, fun.  It went something like this:

Active warm-o-rama

  • Slow Mosey
  • Toy Solider with variations
  • Atlas lunge
  • Elbow to ankle
  • Inchworm merkins


  • SSHx15
  • Windmillsx10
  • Mountain Climbersx10
  • Apollo Ohnos x 15

“Rolling Stone” Anniversary Fun

Pax breaks into teams of 3-4, Mazda lap is the timer, all other exercises complete one or two trips across width of parking lot and back finishing when Mazda returns to start.  After completing rounds 1-10, repeat with rounds 1-5

  1. Parking lot lap pushing Pox’s Yellow Mazda
  2. Tire flip w/merkin
  3. Farmers Carry (Cinder block in both hands)
  4. Tire flip w/jump over
  5. ‘Rolling stone’ – roll sand filled balls through cones, cannot pick up, must stay on ground
  6. Tire flip w/merkin
  7. ‘Cave-man Stone Toss‘ – sand filled ball over should, squat, throw to partner, repeto+
  8. Tire flip w/jump over
  9. Bear Crawl (2 laps)
  10. Tire flip w/merkin

Circle-Up for Mary

  • Circle merk x 5
  • LBC x 50


  • Special thanks to LawDawg who spent his holiday weekend collecting tires to bring for the tire flips and also thanks to Kato for supplying his ball…I mean stones… for the workout (sorry we broker one)
  • After 1 year at Rolling Stone I thought it was time to bring out the Mazda, suprisingly it hadn’t made its way into a rolling stone workout yet
  • Congratulations to Marie Calendar and his M on their 25yr anniversary, 1 year at rolling stone is a good thing to celebrate, but 25 years with the M is something special!
  • It was great to see so many of the Pax after I’d been out for a few weeks.  Everyone keeps getting stronger – I think we will have to push it a bit harder on Thursday…that’s right this week is a double dose of Pox
  • Special thanks to Gump, the Godfather of the MECA region, for those who don’t know Gump and Skipper and less than 10 guys started working out two days a week at Highland Creek about 4 years ago.  I was there leading sometimes only 4-7 guys.  That was 4 years ago, now we have 4-7 workouts a day around the region pulling double digits…one more thing to be thankful for.


11 thoughts on “Rolling Stone 1 Year Anniversary

  1. Schnitzel

    @Pox, were the tires on Mazda inflated fully this morning? They look properly inflated in the picture.
    Who was it that changed the station on the Mazda radio from Classical WDAV to All-Eminem?
    @Uggs, welcome back, and hopefully you got your own car troubles behind you.
    @Gump, good to have your mumble chatter – but I think the last time you came out was when our friend Jerry threw us out of the other school. Coincidence?

  2. Pox Post author

    Forgot to mention Blindside giving away free smoked piggie – Blindside, please provide us details again!

  3. Kato

    Nothing like pushing a car to get the heart rate up. Thanks Pox. I appreciate all the setup necessary to prep this workout. T-claps to you and LawDawg for putting it together.

    Great to have Gump out with us today and I’m glad you’ve got one foot back in the saddle.

    Sparknut has become a beast. Would love to see him go head-to-head with Mattress King…..on that note: We missed you this morning.

    Great to see so many new faces….missed many more out there this morning as well. F3 isn’t for everyone. It’s not for most everyone. I’m glad we’ve got a great group of guys who are willing to get up early to suffer in the mornings.

      1. Pox Post author

        Between Sparknut, Pox, and Schnitzel we can seat at least that many, could make for an interesting workout called attack of the vans…

        1. Schnitzel

          @Pox, let me know if you need me to bring the *van* on Thursday for Pox II – maybe full of 2.0s for extra weight.

  4. Sugar

    Pox – That was a lot of fun! I would’ve never thought I’d almost be in an accident pushing a car!

    Nice to see you back out Uggs!! You too Gump – we’ve missed your mumble-chatter!

    Awesome to see the numbers lately – keep posting!

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